North American Digital Marketing Agency SocialEyes Communications Inc. Helps Businesses Thrive Amidst Drastic Changes

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The marketing industry is perhaps one of the most fast-paced and rapidly evolving industries. Because of this, those who are able to adjust quickly are able to sustain growth. Among the numerous social media and digital marketing agencies in North America, SocialEyes Communications stands out for rolling with the punches.

SocialEyes Communications is a full service digital marketing firm assisting clients with optimizing their businesses using the power of digital platforms and tools. SocialEyes provides custom and measurable digital marketing solutions to help clients achieve business goals, all while offering a boutique customer experience. The firm’s differentiator is marrying digital and business development – they see digital platforms as a tool for business growth and as Founder Marly Broudie expresses, “digital marketing efforts are only as good as the results we achieve…. business owners need to see ROI and they need to be able to quantify their marketing budgets”. 

This lens has become paramount over the last two years where there has been a significant shift in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The landscape has completely changed. For some businesses, online communication forums is what saved their businesses. For others, online and digital tools assisted in the creation of new businesses.” 

We have had to become adaptable and have also had to face brutal realities – changing businesses entirely, tweaking distribution models, sales timelines and overall sales strategies. Think of all of the retail businesses that had to shut down in-person locations or rely solely on e-commerce sales; or professional service industries that had to completely change the way they operate on a day to day basis. 

This year, however, presents an opportunity to implement and apply everything that we have learned over the past two years –  “it is an auspicious time to take everything we have learned about flexibility and agility and help clients elevate to the next level”.

Marly Broudie states, “…change is inevitable. We, as business owners, have witnessed that firsthand in the last two years; but it is how we take our learnings and experiences and use them to empower future growth that truly matters.”

Over the last two years, SocialEyes has grown its team, recruited top talent and continues to invest in their team’s growth and development. “We believe in quality service, top talent, and most importantly, we are performance-oriented…” says Marly. 

Moving forward, SocialEyes Communications plans to continue helping clients scale their businesses and achieve success – “and if there are changes and road blocks, we will utilize our resources, know-how and connections to streamline a plan of action to rise above”. 

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