April 16, 2024
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Otter PR Reviewed as the #1 PR Firm in Florida

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Image Commercially Licensed

The public relations (PR) industry is defined by a countless number of firms working tirelessly to obtain continued success for their clients in media. Achieving this requires a strong understanding of not only the greater PR industry, but also a knack for capitalizing on emerging news and trends, as well as the ability to carefully craft clients’ stories to pitch to numerous worldwide journalistic sources in media each day.

Each year, hundreds of PR firms in each state are reviewed and analyzed for their capability to meet and exceed these expectations. However, only one firm per state each year is granted the recognition of being the best in their field. Having recently been named the #1 PR Firm in the US by Clutch, it therefore only makes sense that the award for the title of #1 PR Firm in Florida in 2022 is awarded to Otter Public Relations

Headquartered in the heart of downtown Orlando, Otter PR is one of the youngest PR firms to call the Sunshine State home — being founded just prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic — but has showcased phenomenal capacity and quality in its services, rivaling even some of the industry’s largest and most established firms. 

While heavy consideration was afforded to competing firms in the region, Otter PR’s tenacity, resilience, and unbending commitment to its core values amidst the highly-competitive landscape of the PR industry make it the best choice to receive the award and title of #1 PR Firm in Florida for 2022. The company’s prowess in the PR sector is consistent in supporting the messaging, brand-building initiatives, and entrepreneurial visions of its clients, contributing to overwhelmingly positive reception for the firm.

“I use Otter for my company’s PR and they are hands down better than our previous PR company. They do more than double the work for our company than other PR companies we have used in the past and cost way less” – M F, Google Reviews

Indeed, the proof of Otter PR’s brand-building, entrepreneurial vision, and unyielding support to its clients is seen in the comments made by those very clients, who range from innovative startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

“”What I found to be the most impressive about Otter PR is its eagerness and willingness to help.” – Mista Roe, President & CEO, Mista Roe Music Group Inc., ReviewOtter PR closely works with each individual client, catering to their needs while maintaining the resources and experience of a large-scale operation, and the family-oriented culture of a small business. The company’s reviews from its clients speak for themselves, highlighting the diligent nature of a company that places people at the forefront of its success. It is with honor and gratitude that the award, title, and recognition of the #1 PR Firm in Florida is rightfully and humbly accepted by Otter PR.

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