Predictable Profits CEO Charles Gaudet’s Move to Florida

Predictable Profits CEO Charles Gaudet's Move to Florida
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Charles Gaudet, CEO of Predictable Profits, one of the country’s  business coaching firms, was one of numerous business moguls to make Florida home in the last few years, relocating from the Northeast with his family. As the state sees significant inflows of capital, production and jobs, business leaders across the country are placing big bets on choosing Florida as a base for expanding their companies. 

Gaudet, who was previously based in New Hampshire, noted not only Florida’s economic benefits, but also how his new lifestyle in the Sunshine State has also positively impacted his personal quality of life. He cited the weather and lifestyle as well as the strong network of other leaders he has developed here as part of why his new home base in Jupiter is paying dividends for his family and portfolio of companies.

Predictable Profits also has plans to further expand its footprint in Florida through hosting live events and workshops that will convene business leaders from across the country. “Florida’s business landscape is not just dynamic but also brimming with opportunity,” stated Gaudet when talking about the vision he has for business expansion in his new home state.

We connected with Gaudet to hear more about his move to South Florida and what’s next for Predictable Profits.

How has your move to Florida influenced your life as an entrepreneur and CEO?

Charles Gaudet: Moving to Florida has significantly improved my quality of life and positively impacted Predictable Profits. The vibrant weather allows me to enjoy outdoor activities year-round, boosting my energy and focus, which translates into sharper decision-making for the company. I’ve built a strong network of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals here, expanding my opportunities for collaboration and learning, all of which benefit Predictable Profits’ growth. Florida’s appeal as a destination makes it easier to attract top-tier clients, employees, and partners. The result? A more fulfilling professional and personal life.

What do you think about the business landscape and opportunities in Florida?

CG: Florida’s business landscape is not just dynamic but also brimming with opportunity. This makes it an ideal environment for entrepreneurs and established companies alike, offering a solid foundation for success. 

Here’s why:

  • Pro-Business Climate: Florida’s favorable tax policies and streamlined regulatory environment create a welcoming atmosphere for businesses, encouraging growth and minimizing obstacles.
  • Diverse Talent Pool: Florida attracts a skilled workforce from around the world. This diversity of talent and perspectives is essential for companies like Predictable Profits, where innovation and problem-solving are crucial.
  • Gateway to Growth: Florida’s position as pro-business attracts new markets and partnerships, which increases opportunities and possibilities for growth.
  • Quality of Life: Florida’s desirable lifestyle is a powerful draw for  talent, improving a company’s ability to attract and retain the best people. A happy and fulfilled workforce directly translates into success for companies like Predictable Profits.

Are there any new milestones or developments at Predictable Profits that you can share with us?

CG: Absolutely! As the leading business coach for 7 & 8-figure entrepreneurs, we never stop pushing the boundaries to help our clients thrive. 

Here’s what’s new and exciting at Predictable Profits:

  • Transformative New IP: We’re developing groundbreaking intellectual property designed to help businesses grow faster, achieve more predictable results, and reduce their reliance on the CEO. This will empower entrepreneurs to build scalable, sustainable companies.
  • The Board of Directors: We’ve launched a cutting-edge program to help founders and CEOs rapidly scale their revenue and streamline operations. This program uses the latest business strategies and insights, which Florida’s rapidly growing companies will find invaluable.
  • Florida Expansion: We’re thrilled to host more live events and workshops in Florida. These events give entrepreneurs direct access to our proven methodologies and create a fantastic space for networking and knowledge-sharing among ambitious leaders.

We’re excited to empower Florida’s entrepreneurs to build sustainable, massively profitable businesses.


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