Proleeva™ Championing Natural Holistic Remedy for Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is unpleasant and can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. It has made many people dependent on drugs and pills, including narcotics, that have long-term debilitating effects. The problem has been on for decades, but a new brand is stepping in to change the situation for many people with chronic pain. Proleeva™ is a natural remedy for middle-aged men and women suffering from chronic pain.

Proleeva™ is a pain-relief product for the open-minded person ready to try holistic medicine. The brand was born out of personal experience and the remarkable results it produced. One of the co-founders of the brand, Fabio Lanzieri, formulated it for his wife and her chronic pain reduced drastically, making him consider taking the product public. “One in 10 people will develop chronic pain in their lifetime, and fell into that stat. Chronic pain has become very near and dear to my heart because my wife’s struggle was impacting her ability to enjoy her daily life, and that ultimately became the inspiration for the formulation that is now known as Proleeva™,” Fabio Lanzieri said. “After the success I saw with my wife, and after years of lengthy clinical trials and research, we saw the opportunity to bring Proleeva™ to market for those suffering from debilitating pain associated with chronic conditions.”

With Fabio Lanzieri and Robert Perillo steering the ship of the Proleeva™ Medical Food brand, the goal has been all about offering high-quality, nourishing natural products for chronic disease states that have unsustainable therapy modalities. Their goal is to make the brand a leading brand in selected niche markets and restore people’s faith in holistic medicine.

Fabio Lanzieri brings with him over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and the effective results he achieved with his wife four years ago when he first administered Proleeva to her have kept him going to date. Having built an impressive career in the life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry with multiple noteworthy successes as an entrepreneur, product innovator and the president and CEO of many international pharmaceutical companies, Proleeva seems safe. His co-founder, Robert Perillo, is an accomplished creative director and marketing professional who has worked at companies like DMB&B, Darcy, Stchi and Saatchi, BBDO and Grey. He joined Fabio as a partner at Proleeva to contribute to the world and improve people’s lives.

Robert Perillo sees Proleeva as a calling as he believes their work with the brand is headed toward achieving great things in the world. “ I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and growing a brand from the ground up has always been a goal of mine, so when I was given the opportunity to partner with an old friend, it was destined. The product we developed and brought to market is Proleeva Medical Food. For over a year now, we have developed the brand’s voice, look and tone and successfully launched it on Amazon. I hope to help those with chronic pain for years to come while continuing to produce great work,” Robert said.


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