April 21, 2024
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Publicity For Good and Top-Tier Partner Brands Unite: Empowering Purposeful Commerce at Natural Products Expo West 2024

Publicity For Good and Top-Tier Partner Brands Unite: Empowering Purposeful Commerce at Natural Products Expo West 2024

Premier PR Agency for Purpose-Driven Brands in the U.S. Will Partner with its Respected Client Brands to Advance Ethical Endeavors and Commerce at Natural Products Expo West.

Anaheim, CA / March, 2024 / Publicity For Good, a renowned public relations agency specializing in purpose-driven CPG brands, is gearing up for participation in the eagerly awaited Natural Products Expo West 2024. Partnering with esteemed client brands, the agency aims not only to provide support but also to spotlight each brand’s impactful missions.

Among the brands from Publicity For Good’s extensive roster of over 200 CPG companies attending the event are Dignity Coconuts, advocates for ending modern slavery in the coconut industry; Dr. Schär, veterans in the gluten-free food sector promoting accessibility; and NATPAT, a billion-dollar Australian family lifestyle brand. These brands, along with their missions, offer a glimpse into the impactful support that Publicity For Good provides for innovative and socially responsible purpose-driven brands in the CPG realm.

Publicity For Good’s leadership in the consumer space is evidenced by its successful collaborations with purpose-driven brands like Flying Embers, Nutpods, and Eco Lips. These partnerships demonstrate the agency’s ability to elevate brands to industry leaders through strategic PR initiatives. For instance, Flying Embers, an organic hard kombucha brand, achieved significant media coverage and brand visibility, positioning itself as a leader in the hard kombucha industry with Publicity For Good’s assistance. Similarly, Nutpods, a top-selling plant-based, non-dairy creamer brand, experienced exponential growth and brand recognition with the agency’s support. Eco Lips, a certified B Corporation, garnered widespread recognition for its premium lip care products and sustainability commitment through strategic media placements.

The Natural Products Expo West 2024 presents a unique opportunity for both Publicity For Good and its client brands to showcase their expertise and thought leadership in the natural products consumer space, while collaborating with like-minded brands committed to making a difference in their respective industries.

Attendees of Natural Products Expo West 2024 can anticipate gaining valuable insights from Publicity For Good and its client brands, as well as networking with industry leaders and thought influencers. The agency’s participation underscores its commitment to driving positive change and fostering a more sustainable and socially responsible consumer landscape.

For more information about Publicity For Good and its work, visit their official website. For details about Natural Products Expo West 2024, visit the official event page.

About Publicity For Good

Publicity For Good (PFG) is a pioneering communications firm founded by Heather DeSantis, a renowned publicist and former Miss Ohio International. Specializing in providing high-level publicity, thought leadership, awards, and social media services for purpose-driven clients in the food, beverage, and beauty industry, PFG has established itself as the country’s premier PR agency for CPG brands committed to social good. Recognized with awards such as the Bulldog PR Awards Gold Small Agency of the Year in 2019, O’Dwyer’s Best PR Firm for CPG Brands in 2020, and the Bulldog PR Awards Bronze Midsize Agency of the Year in 2021, PFG is dedicated to helping purpose-driven brands grow, increase ROI, and make a meaningful impact through integrated social media and PR services.

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