April 16, 2024
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Publify Media Increasing Brand Visibility through High-Quality Branding, Marketing, and Social Media Management Services

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

Every brand needs to be in the spotlight to fulfill its potential, and in today’s world, while it’s relatively easy, many brands struggle with their visibility and exposure. While social media does a lot to make it easy for any brand to launch, many strategies just do not work, and it takes working with expert professionals to get the proper exposure for a brand, business, or entity. Publify Media, a subsidiary of Publify Press, is a branding and marketing company making sure brands are well represented and visible on social media and other relevant platforms.

Founded by Jonathyn Lopez, a marketing and branding expert passionate about helping brands develop the best branding and marketing strategy, Publify Media offers a unique approach that transcends content and passive followers to build its clients’ social media footprint. The company applies strategies that include creating features with credible media sources with active subscribers/viewers search engine results to showcase its clients’ bios and information to a wide variety of internet users. Publify Media aims to solve the problem of non-visibility for individuals and brands that need all the exposure social media can offer. 

Further describing the company’s services, Jonathyn Lopez said: “We focus on educating our clients on the ins and outs of social media and employing methods that will build their online presence and draw their target audience to the content they are already creating. Our services are geared to anyone looking to build their brand or market themselves or their business. We offer these services across all industries and to individuals, small businesses, and  larger corporations.”

Publify Media, as an offshoot of Publify Press, operates on the proven strategies that the parent company has applied over the years to establish or increase its authors’ online footprints. “We have been able to refine these methods by adding additional services and strategic plans that will work for our growing clientele base and the industries they serve,” Jonathyn explained. Publify Media takes a more hands-on deliberate approach to achieve desired results for its clients. “The days of trying to grow your online presence by organic means alone are over. Posting content and hoping your target audience finds you or ‘hoping’ that favorable content makes its way to the top of the search engine will leave those using these methods alone frustrated and unsuccessful,” Jonathyn said.

Building Publify Media for Jonathyn Lopez dates back to when he was very young, working at his father’s company, Publify Press. His experience in the publishing world and personal interest in marketing and branding built him up for the challenge, and after he completed his education, launching his own marketing and branding company was the next best step for him.In the next five years, the goal for Publify Media is to become the top go-to company for personal and business brands looking to establish their presence on social media and the web. And with Jonathyn Lopez at the wheels of this change-making company, the branding and marketing world can expect novel yet efficient brand building and visibility approaches.

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