Redefining Real Estate: Jetall Companies Finds the Right Groove in an Ever-Changing Market

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Jetall Companies has become synonymous with the real estate industry at this point. Despite the numerous factors that ebb and flow within the industry, CEO Ali Choudhri has managed to ride the wave of success and navigate the company into prosperity. What began as a real estate firm established in 1961 has become a monumental brand today. Jetall is a family-owned business that has cemented itself as a staple in the world of real estate, and it’s all thanks to the company’s solid foundation and the leadership that has made all that possible.

Jetall Companies is one of the real estate companies that offer services across all real estate verticals to offer construction, leasing, and property management services. Much of the company’s operations can be attributed to Ali Choudhri’s passion for serving his clients in the best way possible. With his breadth of experience and expertise in serving the real estate industry for over two decades, Mr. Choudhri has cultivated a prominent personal brand propelling the company’s name along with it.

Jetall Companies has successfully developed over thirty commercial retail centers with a vertically integrated operational structure that allows the company to handle all phases of a project. Ali Choudhri has taken on a wide array of real estate ventures, including acquisitions, dispositions, development, financing, joint ventures and lending. He has also designed, built, and developed multiple residential communities in Houston, including the tallest single-family home in the state of Texas. 

The foundations of Jetall Companies lie in Ali Choudhri’s early experiences with real estate, much of which he learned from his father at a young age. Jetall Companies, which he started at the age of sixteen, has been thriving since its inception, pushing the company to grow and acquire over $1.2 billion of real estate assets over the last two decades.

Jetall Companies‘ primary sourcing methods include outright acquisitions of assets, acquiring performing and non-performing notes and REO from servicers, lenders and institutions. Ali Choudhri has also thrown in his personal funds and extensive professional network to build the company to where it is today.

Jetall Companies and Ali Choudhri have spread their presence all over the world, particularly in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Europe and Dubai, where they have acquired, developed, and managed real estate assets. Jetall Companies is also a top choice when it comes to fully modernized properties with state-of-the-art features like fitness centers, destination dispatch elevators, and Class-A office spaces.

“I wish to provide solutions that support the changing needs of businesses in our communities, and over the next few years, I see Jetall as a company that will continue to add value to communities by buying or building assets,” passionately shared Mr. Choudhri.

Jetall Companies has cemented itself as a formidable force in the real estate industry. Ali Choudhri envisions scaling the company even further in the near future with plans of taking over more states and cities while delivering a massive range of property needs and Class-A office spaces in Houston, Austin, or other Texas cities.


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