Rock Prairie Productions on Helping new Artists Navigate the Music Industry to Achieve Success

New and emerging talents arrive in the music industry every other day, ready to take the world by storm with their remarkable talents and gifts. However, the music industry is already saturated with accomplished musical talents competing for the peak position. More often than not, these aspiring artists eventually lose their spark and give up their musical dreams after multiple rejections. To allow these “promising talents” to be heard and promoted to stardom, music critic and blogger Lindsay Mulder established Rock Prairie Productions, a talent management and promotional company offering new opportunities to musical artists worldwide. 

Rock Prairie Productions is a talent management and promotional company prioritizing artists on a personal level. Through its extensive databases of tens of thousands of radio stations, music professionals such as A&R and label reps, studios, production engineers, singer-songwriters, entertainment attorneys, festival and concert contacts, booking agents, and venues, the talent agency collaborates with aspiring artists to navigate the challenging maze that is the music industry covering all bases to help them find new opportunities that are best suited to their talents. 

“Most labels and industry professionals won’t even look at the demos of non-established artists. If you aren’t branded like Kanye West or Taylor Swift, an artist’s pitch usually goes directly into the trash. Some musicians spend months-even years-crafting their sound. To have nobody to hear it is challenging. You have to be thick-skinned in this business, but that certainly doesn’t mean that rejection doesn’t sting,” founder and CEO of the company, Lindsay Mulder, explained.

Rock Prairie Productions currently accepts artists’ submissions from all musical genres through the MusicXray portal—the industry-leading talent-finding website. Artists can make submissions into different categories such as blog interviews and auditions for upcoming ezine SoundCandy, Country Radio Promotion, AudioWire Radio Pitch, and Exclusive Talent Search through the website. Each submission is individually reviewed by Lindsay and her team of expert A&R to provide an extensive, unbiased critique and reliable feedback. In addition, artists, if selected, are availed of a range of opportunities exclusively found on the platform, from interviews to label signing and management services. 

Several artists have attested to the professionalism and promptness of Rock Prairie Productions LLC handling its clients’ submissions. As a matter of fact, one of the reviews read: “Quick, professional, and helpful response. Rock Prairie Productions LLC evaluated two of my songs. They got back to me within a week, and the feedback was the best I have ever gotten from an opportunity. One of my songs was placed on hold for more consideration; the other was ‘not selected.’ While not being selected stings, the feedback was thorough. Included were the times of the flaws mentioned and exactly what the problem was. This was most helpful. This is a great opportunity to submit your music to.”

Lindsay Mulder and the Rock Prairie Productions want to keep helping artists move a step closer to achieving their goals. In the coming years, the agency will take on more tour support roles for artists, helping them get a reliable team to get their name in the circuits. In addition, the company will be launching its new magazine and hopes to just cut through the hype and gossip and go directly to the artists for their content.

To learn more about Rock Prairie Productions, visit the company’s website. 


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