Sanetta Guyton, “Diary Of A Hopeful Romantic” Author On A Mission To Demolish Mythical Perceptions Of Love

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Living in a world of dreams and fantasizing about things that have almost no probability of happening has never turned out to be fruitful. In this age, people encourage a realistic approach to things, and now they prefer looking at things from a different and better perspective. It is common knowledge that the fate of hopeless romantics is always going to be the same—they are never going to be satisfied with their love life due to insanely high expectations. Sanetta Guyton has taken the much-needed step to knock down the utterly bogus image of love most people have in mind by writing about the truths of dating and how it is completely normal to have a rocky love life.

In her efforts to make people look at love from a realistic point of view, she has just written a book “Diary of a Hopeful Romantic.” It was due to her interesting yet unsteady relationships, her transparency, motivation from friends and family, and her impeccable storytelling skills that compelled Sanetta to write this book which is an exemplary combination of intimacy and authenticity. 

Sanetta Guyton belongs to Miami Garden, Florida. She was a student of Florida international university where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and Human Resource Management. She expanded her educational background by receiving a master’s degree in Business administration from Nova Southeastern University. Moreover, Sanetta has also been an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and is currently working in the administration department of a government agency.

Looking at Sanetta’s background must have made you realize that writing wasn’t her first career choice. When talking to Angel Charmain of Speak Up Sis! she says that her friends often encouraged her to write a book after hearing her dating stories and her advice but she kept cutting the idea dead until one time her cousin encouraged her to do the same. That’s when she realized that she does have something interesting and different to say which might convince people to switch from hopeless romantics to hopeful romantics. 

In the interview, Sanetta also mentions that she is an extrovert on social media and an introvert in real life; her openness on social media is because she wants to give her fans advice and a little peek into her dating life now and then so they can understand that nobody has a perfect love life. Furthermore, she looks forward to eradicating the idea from women’s minds that one day a man will come and sweep them off their feet as it can only happen in a fairytale. Life’s not a fairytale and there are going to be ups and downs that one should always expect and should know how to deal with. And if they are living in a dream world where everything is sunshine and daisies then finding love will almost become impossible.Sanetta Guyton loves love and she is a natural when it comes to dating advice. She looks forward to expanding her business, Ms. Hopeful Romantic, to help an even bigger audience deal with the obstacles in their relationship. She seeks assistance from humor to direct her advice or messages that have the potential to bring people on the path of realism instead of a fairytale. Furthermore, Sanetta is a huge fan of traveling which acts as a contributing factor in firing up her creative side. Sanetta has intentions to write several other books like “Diary Of A Hopeful Romantic” and use her social media platforms to connect with her fans.


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