Shadow of the Wolf: A VIP Soirée Hosted by Belly Ventures LLC

Shadow of the Wolf: A VIP Soirée Hosted by Belly Ventures LLC
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Lights, camera, action! Belly Ventures LLC, an imaginative and thriving media production house, has prepared an enchanting evening that Miami won’t forget. Coming this Friday night, December 8th, Belly Ventures is hosting an exclusive VIP screening party in celebration of the astounding new documentary, “Shadow of the Wolf.” The event also takes place during one of the biggest weekends in Miami for Art Basel, which plays a significant role in shaping trends and styles within the art world.

The masterminds behind this grand event, Dr. Jorge Luis Valdes and Jay Belly of Belly Ventures, have pulled out all the stops to bring this unforgettable tale to life. The documentary features the lived experiences of Jorge Valdes, an individual whose life story reads more like an intense thriller than reality. From his days as a notorious Drug Lord and Cocaine Kingpin to becoming a legitimate millionaire, Valdes’ story offers a unique perspective that cherishes survival and resilience.

In his early twenties, driven by an unquenchable desire for wealth and influence, Jorge Valdes emerged as a founding figure of the infamous Medellin drug cartel in Colombia. By the age of twenty-one, he was raking in over a million dollars monthly. Holding a pivotal role as the head of all U.S. operations, Valdes found himself in direct dealings with presidents, generals, Hollywood luminaries, and professional assassins. Originating from poverty as a Cuban immigrant, he transformed his life from opulent highs to the depths of incarceration and then back to prosperity. After serving a decade behind bars, Valdes managed to undergo a remarkable transformation. He earned a Ph.D., contributed to prison reform, and successfully reclaimed his family.

With all eyes on the documentary in the coming days, Belly Ventures ensures an elaborate night where glamour dances with storytelling. The guest list boasts of well-known celebrities, athletes, high-profile influencers, and multibillionaire corporate honchos. This amalgamation of high power and celebrity adds an exciting buzz to the anticipation surrounding the film.

Under the Miami skyline, the night will also pay tribute to the significant contributions of various top-ranking companies that have sponsored the event, such as Roc Nation/JayZ’s D’usse Cognac and Ace of Spades Champagne, the state of the art ticket company Momentix, the Bardstown Bourbon Co., El Tequileno, High Nation Events, Bodega Boys, Montecristo, and LumaLogic. It is their faith and association that have helped Belly Ventures translate this grand vision into reality.

The documentary will be extended to a plethora of streaming platforms to reach a wider audience. In addition to the streaming plans, Belly Ventures is also planning to take the film on a tour of prestigious international film festivals like Sundance; a proof of the film’s expected critical acclaim and potential commercial success.

The ripple effect of the documentary, however, doesn’t stop there. The narrative has generated enough curiosity among industry stakeholders to consider converting it into a feature film, specifically, a science fiction movie. Comedian and award-winning actor Kevin Hart has reportedly shown keen interest in the project, proving that the spotlight on Jorge’s captivating life story is only intensifying.

Shadow of the Wolf: A VIP Soirée Hosted by Belly Ventures LLC
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Belly Ventures LLC’s exceptional event for “Shadow of the Wolf” is not just a screening party. It’s a tribute to a life lived on the edge, and transitioned from shadow to light. It is a homage to a tale that uses narrative to highlight how one man could change their life despite turbulent beginnings, in a world fraught with complications.

In a bigger picture, this event is offering a platform for people to engage in stories that might otherwise remain untold through the eyes of the filmmakers. The evening is a testament to their commitment to evocative storytelling, the promotion of truth, and an emphasis on quality content. This VIP screening party sets the stage, not just for the premiere of a profoundly impactful documentary, but also for a night of connections, inspirations, and first steps toward future collaborations. It’s a milestone moment for the creators including Jorge’s son Estevan Valdes as Director of Photography, visual effects by Marvel movie alum Crafty Aepes, directed by Carlos Betancourt, produced by Chris LeDoux and Kyle Dutton, and presented by Uno Somos, who, through this documentary share content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Endowed with such an extraordinary journey on-screen and off-screen, “Shadow of the Wolf” is set to leave an indelible impression in the landscape of documentary filmmaking. As the Miami night of December 8th unfurls the magic of cinema, Belly Ventures LLC invites you to be a part of this spectacle, a testament to their unwavering vision, and a cinematic journey that champions the perseverance of the human spirit. As this night goes down in Miami’s history, remember: this is just the beginning.


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