April 16, 2024
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Shari Dionne and How It Emerged as the Home of Luxury Shades

Name a market need, and two—or ten—ventures probably exist already to provide products and services designed to close the gap separating customers from what they want. So it’s no surprise why it’s a challenge for any go-getter to gain a foothold in their target industry when they are offering what has probably been already available for years. However, despite the fact that there’s no shortage of luxury shades in the fashion industry, Shari Dionne still managed to carve a path toward the summit, thanks to its commitment to excellence and quality and its dedication to cultivating powerful statements through eyewear. With the upcoming launch of its apparel line this year, this Los Angeles-based company is bound to cement its reputation even more solidly. 

From the beginning, Shari Dionne has operated under the recognition that people live in a culturally diverse society. Additionally, as individuals, they have distinct preferences and unique approaches to expressing themselves. With that in mind, this eyewear brand has always placed a heavy premium on creating lines and collections that can cater to a broad spectrum of customers, encouraging individuality in the process. 

Along with its emphasis on delivering eyewear for men and women that reflect their personality and speaks of their taste in fashion, Shari Dionne also prioritizes excellence and quality above anything else. Meticulous and calculated, its founders and the team running this fast-growing venture ensure that customers are afforded a memorable experience every time they unbox and wear their products. 

While much of the milestones that Shari Dionne has reached can be attributed to its all-out attitude toward producing nothing but top-notch eyewear, it is inarguable that it has secured a coveted spot within the fashion scene because of the creative vision of its owners, Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne. The owners’ combined entrepreneurial acumen allowed their brainchild to rise through the ranks, drawing inspiration from their own love story to create the brand. 

Will, a Cleveland native who was residing in Dallas, met the Los Angeles-raised Shari. Their encounter, which initially started as a weekend fling, led to a happy marriage. However, the couple, who are now expecting their second child, had to overcome the odds that come along with having a long-distance relationship. To keep things fresh, they would often travel for dates, and over the course of their relationship, they have crossed many seas during their trips to New Miami, Cancun, Cabo, Puerto Rico, and more. On those dates, people would frequently compliment Shari’s style and comment on the way she wore her eyewear. In hoping for others to express their own sense of style through eyewear and gain confidence from it, the couple thought about creating a luxury brand, a decision that paid off in the long run. 

Currently, Shari Dionne stands as the go-to choice for countless fashion-forward individuals and those who love to travel. Celebrities like Brandi Maxiell, the Gonzalez Twins, Yasmine Lopez, and Charisse Mills have been spotted wearing one of its products. In the coming months, this brainchild of Will and Shari is expected to expand its following and capture the interest of more customers through the launch of its swimsuit line. 

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