April 16, 2024
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Stratton Equities: Innovatively Revolutionizing Florida’s Real Estate Market with Unique Financing Solutions

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The real estate market in Florida, particularly premium locales like Miami and South Florida, is admired for its spectacular views, luxury condos, and sought-after beachfront properties. However, the seven-figure price tags attached to these properties pose distinctive challenges to investors, ranging from high taxes and insurance costs to hefty condo association fees and rental income that often does not cover expenses. Enter Stratton Equities, a company that is transforming these obstacles into stepping stones and concurrently reshaping the financial scenario.

Under the leadership of CEO Michael Mikhail, whose journey from homelessness to heading a flourishing enterprise stands as a symbol of resilience and strategic business acumen, Stratton Equities has risen as a trailblazer in the real estate finance sector. Making inroads into the Miami, Florida market, Stratton Equities brings its novel solutions and distinct programs to assist investors in navigating this complex landscape.

Stratton Equities, a top-tier private money and NON-QM (non-qualified mortgage) lender in the US, is celebrated for its wide array of mortgage programs. The firm stands out by providing unique, tailored loan programs, thereby fuelling the aspirations of entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, and mortgage brokers across the nation. Aiming for a remarkable $1.2 billion in annual closed loan volume or $100 million monthly, Stratton Equities continuously validates its prowess in a fiercely competitive market.

The company’s recent foray into the Miami market is the latest milestone in its exceptional journey. In a market where condo property values skyrocket to millions and rental income often fails to cover expenses, Stratton Equities extends a lifeline to investors through their ground-breaking “no ratio mortgage programs.”

The “No Ratio Mortgage Programs”: A Game-changer in Miami

Unlike conventional lenders, Stratton Equities’ “no ratio mortgage programs” do not take into account the borrower’s personal income or the subject’s property debt servicing when financing a property purchase or refinancing.

These expenses encompass monthly taxes, insurance, mortgage payments, and, for condominiums, association dues. The standard method to calculate the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) entails subtracting these costs from the potential rental income. However, in Miami’s market, rental income seldom surpasses the total of these expenditures, thereby posing a challenge for a standard DSCR loan.

Stratton Equities proposes a revolutionary solution with their “no ratio mortgage programs”. The property is closed in an LLC, offering a solution for properties that do not generate ample rental income. Although this method may lead to lower loan-to-value (LTV) and slightly higher interest rates, it introduces an opportunity for investors in the Miami market that few others offer.

Another critical aspect of South Florida’s real estate market is the burgeoning Airbnb scene. Short-term rentals provide income that often outpaces traditional long-term leases. Despite this potential, most lenders overlook this revenue source. Not so with Stratton Equities. Recognizing the opportunity, the company provides niche mortgage programs that consider the past 12 months of Airbnb rental income when evaluating borrower qualifications, thereby empowering investors to leverage this profitable market.

A People-Focused Approach

In a swiftly evolving real estate market, a company’s unique approach and business philosophy truly set it apart. At Stratton Equities, these distinguishing factors are a sharp focus on its employees, a tailored approach to private money NON-QM mortgage programs, and a dedication to filling a significant void in the mortgage industry.

A key examination of the mortgage industry reveals a prevalent pattern: most lenders concentrate on a narrow range of mortgage programs. Stratton Equities is designed to bridge this gap and transform the mortgage industry’s landscape. With their innovative business model, Stratton Equities emphasizes customization and empowerment, reshaping real estate financing in Miami and beyond.

The Stratton Advantage: Prompt Closings and Comprehensive Networks

Stratton Equities takes pride in its rapid closing times, a reflection of their efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction. This expertise, combined with a comprehensive network in the Florida, Miami, and South Florida real estate markets, significantly benefits their borrowers and investors.

Through Stratton Equities, Michael Mikhail continues to inspire, lead, and redefine the market, converting challenges into opportunities, and aspirations into reality.

Stay updated with Stratton Equities by visiting their website, Stratton Equities, and engaging with them on their social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @StrattonEquities, LinkedIn @stratton-equities, and Twitter @Strattonequity.

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