Tencent Cloud Partners with Ankr to Create Web3 Solutions

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

Web3 has quickly become a staple term in the tech industry, and for good reason. It holds the promise of revolutionizing the way we interact with the internet, promoting decentralization and true digital ownership. Companies like Tencent Cloud and Ankr are betting big on Web3’s potential by developing and promoting infrastructure services for a multitude of enterprises looking to create innovative products and solutions in the space. Web3 appears to be here to stay, and with its immense potential, we can only expect to see more exciting developments in the future.

Tencent Cloud, the cloud computing division of Tencent, has teamed up with Ankr, a prominent Web3 technology company, to create and promote Web3 infrastructure services. Through their partnership, Tencent Cloud and Ankr are on their way to jointly developing blockchain application programming interfaces (APIs) leveraging a globally distributed RPC node network. This will enable enterprises and decentralized application developers to access fast blockchain connections regardless of geographic location. 

Ankr offers a variety of products and services, including their RPC service, advanced API, and application-specific blockchains, to support Web3 developers and enterprises in creating and developing decentralized apps (dApps) by utilizing blockchain networks. Ankr’s globally distributed bare-metal node infrastructure enables the company to provide numerous services and products to help individuals and enterprises develop Web3 applications.

The blockchain API services developed through the partnership will support various projects, such as Web3 social applications, Web3 games, virtual worlds, and other services requiring access and connections to prominent blockchains. The collaboration between Tencent Cloud and Ankr will optimize performance by offering readymade blockchain connections for Web3 organizations and developers.

Partnering with Tencent Cloud reflects Ankr’s philosophy of promoting decentralization and blockchain data access through Web3 infrastructure solutions. The goal is to create seamless and ubiquitous blockchain connections for Web3 developers and enterprises, allowing for the deployment of smart contracts and dApps with more reliability and security.

Tencent Cloud and Ankr’s partnership to develop and promote Web3 infrastructure services will enable Web3 developers and enterprises to access blockchain data effortlessly and seamlessly on various blockchains. The goal is to create a reliable and secure environment that promotes decentralization and empowers Web3 developers to create innovative and robust decentralized applications. This collaboration is part of Tencent Cloud’s plans to promote the development and growth of the Web3 ecosystem by empowering and supporting Web3 developers and startups with identity management, storage, development tools, data analysis, and security.

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