March 4, 2024
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​​The Faery Matchmaker Is South Florida’s Premier Love Guru

Based in South Florida Jacqueline Fae, founder of ‘The Faery Matchmaker,’ is known for promoting the top matchmaking events throughout the country. Luxury singles who attend her mixers will experience opulence that radiates within the atmosphere. Whether you’re attending one of her events while sailing on a luxury yacht around the coast of Florida or attending a red carpet event like the “Holiday Gala,” scheduled for December 11 of this year, Jacqueline’s top clientele desire the top echelon of luxury singles that her agency has been known to deliver. Jacqueline believes that her traction within the niche luxury singles market has set her apart from all competition.

Best known in the industry as The Faery Matchmaker, Jacqueline Fae is a matchmaker, author, and CEO and founder of IDL Match Club, whose passion lies in bringing people together, enabling them to form meaningful connections with one another and themselves. As she continues to reach the forefront of the industry, she hopes to materialize a purpose-driven vision that transcends limitations, exceeds expectations, and breaks barriers.

As demonstrated by Hollywood’s ultimate love guru, Jacqueline Fae, love possesses a spiritual element that allows people to believe that they are truly ready for love. Pushing the boundaries of such a delicate subject matter, Jacqueline aims to help people find the love they genuinely deserve using her experience and intuition. She explains, “It’s more intuitive, I just sometimes feel like Ding, ding, ding those two are a match! And, then boom they end up married!”

Jacqueline and her clients are very excited for her upcoming luxury event for “200 Luxury Singles in Miami. What sets her apart from other matchmakers in the country is that she deals with high net-worth clients.

Although The Faery Matchmaker may seem to have gotten everything figured out from the get-go, Jacqueline has had a few detours before becoming one of Hollywood, New York and South Florida’s sought-after figures. With over a decade spent working as an actress, she has had her fair share of short-term relationships, endlessly wading in the dating pool. While there is nothing inherently wrong with choosing a path to singlehood, Jacqueline wanted to find the love she deserved. After two years of healing and finding herself, she has successfully built a relationship with the current love of her life, Ramon. Today, they are raising two beautiful boys together.

Because of the happiness she found in her life, The Faery Matchmaker wanted to help others find their own. After studying Psychology, with a focus on Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP, this self-starter has managed to launch a matchmaking company, where she helps people begin carving their journeys towards love, happiness, hope, and fulfilment.

Unlike other matchmakers, Jacqueline Fae sets herself apart because of her unique and all-out approach. During her studies, she discovered an additional intuitive ability that not only allowed her to connect with her clients but also enabled her to help clients decode their own underlying values, break old patterns, and open up to a loving relationship that they have always dreamed of. As a result, The Faery Matchmaker has been able to mend broken hearts and allow them to truly overcome the most painful moments in their lives.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, The Faery Matchmaker is expected to expand her horizons, helping more people gain the love that they deserve. Above anything else, she also hopes to lead people towards a better understanding of themselves so that they can form more meaningful relationships in the years to come.To know more about Jacqueline Fae, you may visit her website.

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