April 16, 2024
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The Future of Jetcars Have Hit Miami Waters

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As the sun kisses the Miami coastline and the ocean sparkles with anticipation, a new wave of excitement is captivating tourists and locals alike. Watersports Cars are taking the world by storm, offering a unique, adrenaline-fueled way to ride the waves in style.

The Miami heat is getting turned up this summer with a new jet car that will blast folks into the future. Watersports Car is an up-and-coming brand that creates luxury watercraft vehicles, made to look and drive like your favorite sportscars. The Miami-based company is currently the only American manufacturer of the Watersports Car and is U.S. Coast Guard approved. 

2023 might not be the year of flying cars, but it’s the year of floating cars. These innovative, high-performance vehicles perfectly blend the exhilaration of watersports with the sleek design and power of sportscars, providing an unparalleled aquatic experience. With growing popularity among tourists seeking an unforgettable adventure, Watersports Cars are truly revolutionizing how we enjoy the open water. Dive into this thrilling journey as we explore the spectacular world of Watersports Cars and discover how they are redefining the very essence of maritime entertainment.

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Revving up excitement on Miami’s shores, Watersports Car has taken the market by storm, capturing the imagination of thrill-seekers and luxury aficionados alike. This state-of-the-art technology combines the pleasure and entertainment of a personal watercraft, with the safety of a standard speedboat. This is the perfect experience for adventure seekers and sportscar lovers, as all of their models are powered by supercharged engines. Cars are designed, built, tested and customized in sunny Miami, Florida. They are then distributed to individuals and businesses both in the United States and internationally. Cars are manually inspected at multiple points throughout the manufacturing process to ensure safety, working closely with the coast guard to ensure extensive testing and compliance. Prospective consumers can find the Watersports Car in three different models and a variety of colors. All models have a 1-3-year warranty and are designed with powerful engines similar to a speedboat. 

Current models buyers can get their hands on include the Series X, Series B, and Series M. Logistically, they are quite similar. All take the standard 91 Octane fuel type and have either the Yamaha 1.8L high output 180hp engine or the 1.8L Yamaha Supercharged 250hp engine. Models look slightly different on the outside, each with their own flair that resembles the look of a classic sports car. 

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With their innovative designs, powerful engines, and commitment to sustainability and local community engagement, Watersports Cars are more than just a novelty – they represent the future of aquatic leisure. As we continue to explore new ways to ride the waves and push the boundaries of maritime experiences, there’s no doubt that the exhilarating fusion of sports cars and watercraft is here to stay. Interested? Watersports Car provides easy financing options for individuals and businesses. Check out their website and Instagram page to learn more. 

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