The Inspirational Story Behind Adnan Dedic’s Tremendous Success 

Before he was even born, Adnan Dedic’s family had already faced countless struggles just to survive. Two years before his birth, Adnan’s family was forced to flee their home in Bosnia to escape the ongoing oppression of the Yugoslav wars. They went into hiding after war authorities captured Adnan’s father. Eventually, they were able to seek refuge in Koblenz, Germany. 

Soon after, Adnan’s father managed to escape and reunite with the family. “Once my family was all back together, we packed one backpack full of clothes for my parents, myself, and my sister to share. These were the only possessions we had the means to bring into our new home,” shared Adnan.   

Six years after they reunited, Adnan Dedic’s parents were presented with the opportunity to relocate to the United States, where they could lead a much safer and more stable life for their children. With just a single bag full of clothes, they traveled to Utica, New York, where they settled in a refugee camp. His parents worked three jobs to make ends meet for Adnan and his older sister.

Like a fish out of water, Adnan Dedic was young and had no prior knowledge of the English language. However, he vividly recalled the hard work that his parents had to endure, inspiring him to maximize his full potential and manifest his own destiny. 

After long, arduous years of struggle, their family soon gained a sense of stability and eventually resided in Sarasota, Florida. Adnan attended Florida Gulf Coast University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Medical Health. However, on one fateful day, the trajectory of his career changed. The opportunity came in the form of a pitch meeting where he presented a business idea for a media/fitness application to Kevin Harrington, an American entrepreneur, investor, and a Shark on the famous reality TV show Shark Tank.

Adnan’s presentation earned him the title of “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in the Sarasota Buzzprize Expo Competition. Soon after, he would pique an entrepreneur’s interest who valued Adnan’s brimming potential, opting to take the young college student under his wing. Thus began Adnan Dedic’s foray into the world of entrepreneurship and real estate, guided by the knowledge and expertise of his newfound mentor.

Adnan Dedic quickly rose to prominence after becoming a licensed real estate agent. At present, he works for Compass, the top real estate company in the world. During his time with the firm, Dedic doubled his transactions over the short course of six years, making over $50 million in sales in the year 2021.  

Adnan Dedic then established his place as one of the top realtors in the United States by consistently leading sales in Southwest Florida. According to the Real Trends Publication, he now stands among the top one percent of the 1.7 million licensed real estate agents in the country. Furthermore, Adnan holds the title of a “5 Star Best” real estate agent on the esteemed marketplace, Zillow, where his impeccable skill and efficiency are praised consistently.

“I think that growing up with a chip on my shoulder and experiencing what it was like to live through oppression and poverty primed me in a way that others who were more privileged couldn’t have been. It all comes back to my parents. I knew that if they could manage to create a comfortable life for my family, after all they had struggled through, I could do anything I set my mind to. I will always be thankful for the importance of hard work that they showed me,” shared the firebrand realtor.  

In the near future, Adnan Dedic plans on establishing a multi-platform business inspired by a play on words that uses his own last name, Dedication X. Through Dedication X, Adnan Dedic devotes his knowledge and expertise to continue working as a real estate agent that provides ideal service for his clients, while simultaneously expanding his efforts to mentorship, philanthropy and motivational speaking. 


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