Therapeutic Sports Nutrition: Upstart Health Company Meets Unmet Needs of Supplement Consumers

Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or enthusiast, if you lead an active lifestyle, you’re eventually going to run into pain and injuries. For many, what at first might seem like minor setbacks can turn into nagging issues that keep them from doing what they love. 

SaltWrap™, a young sports nutrition company founded by certified personal trainer and bestselling health author, Scott Hogan, is out to change this. He says SaltWrap relies on clinically proven natural ingredients to deliver meaningful results. However, quality ingredient sourcing and cutting-edge manufacturing processes are only part of the equation when it comes to benefitting the end user.

“Our goal at SaltWrap is to help you come back stronger and keep doing what you love,” says Hogan. “The primary way we accomplish this is through Therapeutic Sports Nutrition™. It weaves universal healing principles into modern sports nutrition supplements that support recovery, performance, and longevity.”

He credits his past life as a nutrition store manager for his drive to put customer benefit first. Talking with customers, and later his personal training clients, every day gave him boots-on-the-ground education in what they were looking for.

“There is a human side of things when you work face-to-face with people,” he says. “And simply put, most supplements out there focus on short-term effects. Things like energy and muscle pumps. However, they fail to consider the longevity of the athlete. This is where our unique – and proven – concept of Therapeutic Sports Nutrition™ shines.”

Hogan’s desire to help others was always there. But it wasn’t until years later that SaltWrap would take shape. 

In 2018, the health publisher he was working for at the time was bought out. He was laid off. The timing couldn’t have been any worse. It happened just four days before he and his wife were set to welcome their second child. 

That’s when he decided to go all-in on bringing SaltWrap – named in honor of the Epsom salt wraps his mother would prepare for his baseball injuries – to life.

Hogan bet on himself. In the process, he soon discovered that being an entrepreneur was his true calling. He quickly turned SaltWrap into a million-dollar, one-person business.

Since 2018, SaltWrap has launched multiple Therapeutic Sports Nutrition™ breakthroughs for issues ranging from joint and muscle pain to cognitive support and gut health. Hogan also reached the top spot in multiple categories on Amazon when he published his bestselling book, Built From Broken.

As for SaltWrap, it’s gaining momentum and getting national attention. 

One of its products, a highly specialized collagen supplement for joint support, Collagen Synthesis™, was recently nominated for the 2022 NutraIngredients Sports Nutrition Product of the Year. Pro athletes are raving about it on social media. It even has some professional team trainers ordering it by the palette.

“We’re just getting started,” says Hogan. “We’ve tapped into an invisible well here. Customers are no longer content with short-sighted products. They want solutions that give them results today without sacrificing their tomorrow. Our Therapeutic Sports Nutrition™ approach takes all of this into account and delivers the best holistic approach possible for the user.”

While SaltWrap prides itself on using ingredients with years of proven clinical research, Hogan and his small team are constantly pushing the boundaries with new concepts and discoveries in natural supplementation. The company’s tagline? “The Cutting Edge of Therapeutic Sports Nutrition™.”

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