Tik-Tok’s First Verified Lawyer Atty. Anthony Barbuto Now Open to Video Conference Consultations with Estate Planning

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Our modern society has seemed to cultivate a negative perception of lawyers over the years. Often, they are seen as too cold and heartless, causing people and society itself to see them in a different light. The truth, however, is vastly different from what is presented in popular media. In fact, one lawyer named Anthony Barbuto has made it his mission to eradicate this common misconception by utilizing his massive platform on TikTok.

Atty. Anthony Barbuto has always had a great sense of humor. As a lawyer by profession, he attributes much of his success as a general practitioner to his pleasant personality. As a result, he is able to connect with his clients at an intimate level that allows him to cultivate a different level of trust with them.

Anthony officially became a lawyer in Florida, California, and New Jersey about 15 years ago. Since the inception of his law career, the powerhouse has helped thousands of clients with their legal needs, serving all his clients with honor and dignity. In 2018, he started his very own TikTok account, but he then faced severe backlash by nature of his own profession.

Once he started posting content on TikTok, Atty. Anthony Barbuto began to realize the public’s negative perception of lawyers. He received a lot of prejudices due to his profession, which often took away from his remarkable personality. Known as @TheLawyer on TikTok, he has been posting funny and wholesome viral content to disrupt the stigma of his discipline over the last few years.

“Unfortunately, many people think of the law as a cold and rarefied profession,” explained Anthony in a recent interview. “Through my content, and through just being myself, I show a different side of lawyers. People want to see lawyers with a human side – possessing a sense of humor, emotions, interests, and modesty.”

In four years, Anthony Barbuto would become TikTok’s first verified lawyer and a legal pioneer on social media. Utilizing his platform to spread his positive message, he has garnered over 2.2 million followers on TikTok, with over 40.3 million likes by viewers worldwide. Anthony has become an inspiration to many members of his profession as well as to students who want to pursue careers in the legal profession.

“I didn’t start on social media to generate business for my law practice; on the contrary, I had other purposes. But now, with the substantial impact I’ve made on social media, coupled with the fact that Zoom meetings have become the norm due to the pandemic, my goal is to help people across the states of Florida, California, and New Jersey with an area of law I enjoy most – Wills & Trusts,” shared Atty. Anthony Barbuto.

Nowadays, using his newfound influence and popularity, the celebrated lawyer has officially opened his services for video conference consultations for clients who require legal advice regarding estate planning. His massive reach has allowed him to help people from all over the globe, and with the advent of technology, this reach has been amplified on a much grander scale.

Ultimately, Atty. Anthony Barbuto is passionate about helping others and creating comedic content that changes the world for the better. Through his exemplary efforts, he has eliminated the negative stigma around his profession and brought attention to his outstanding services just by being his genuine self, showing the world that lawyers aren’t usually what they’re portrayed as.

Anyone interested in scheduling a legal consultation with Anthony can do so through his website.


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