3 Florida CEOs You Should Know

Florida is seeing an influx of tech jobs and a thriving jobs market, even despite, and perhaps because of, the shifting job market brought on by the pandemic. That means that, more than ever, Florida has become home to some of the most exciting innovations and companies in the country. 

Of course, for every great company, there is a team of effective leaders at the helm. Leaders whose skill and vision help drive their company forward. 

While CEOs can rarely take complete credit for the success of their businesses, they are some of the most influential people in any leadership team. Here are three of the Florida CEOs that are making big moves in 2022 that you should keep an eye on as their companies continue to grow and thrive. 

      1. Frank Del Rio of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

Frank Del Rio is currently the top-earning CEO in Florida, but if his recent track record with Norwegian Cruise Lines is anything to go off of, he’s just getting started. 

Del Rio has been in charge of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings since 2015 and has managed to improve the stock value of his company rapidly. He now earns close to eight times what he did in 2016, thanks to improved stock value and the stock options in his pay package, and earned about twice as much in 2021 as in 2020. 

That’s impressive given that cruise lines were some of the hardest hit businesses in the wake of the pandemic, with most ships closing operations at least temporarily, and many fleets upgrading air filtration and other systems to make travel safer for their passengers when they reopened. 

Norwegian might not be a new company, but it’s worth keeping an eye on them to see what the company does next, and what moves Del Rio takes to ensure profitability despite the challenges of travel right now. 

      2. Andreas Dettlaff of Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical is one of those companies that has a core idea so simple and ingenious that it’s almost hard to believe it’s not standard. 

When Andreas Dettlaff, who is Nu Image Medical’s founder and CEO, started hearing about direct-to-consumer medicine, he immediately saw that it was a huge opportunity, especially when it comes to treating the kinds of difficult or embarrassing problems that people don’t want to deal with in person. 

His idea was simple: create a platform for telemedicine combined with the ability to send prescriptions to local pharmacies, or even to ship medications directly to the consumer, to deal with the problems patients are too embarrassed to tackle through traditional medicine. 

Starting with issues like erectile dysfunction, Nu Image Medical now deals with a range of problems, from weight loss to hormone replacement therapies, and treating hair loss in both men and women. By tackling these issues from more than one angle, like delivering customized food in addition to providing physician and nutritionist consultations to patients, Dettlaff has been able to create a medical model that’s not only more private than traditional office visits, but it’s also often more effective. 

Andreas Dettlaff’s vision for comprehensive customized medical care is already starting to revolutionize the healthcare industry for a few key issues. We can’t wait to see where he, and Nu Image Medical, go next, or how medicine is going to change because of Dettlaff’s innovations. 

      3. L. Neil Hunn of Roper Technologies

Last, but certainly not least, is L. Neil Hunn, CEO of Roper Technologies. Hunn has been involved in Roper Technologies’ leadership for a long time but is still relatively new to the role as the company’s CEO, stepping in after the previous CEO was diagnosed with a severe medical issue. 

Since then, the company’s income has increased dramatically, which is a little surprising given that Roper is a tech company that doesn’t focus on scalability. Instead, their business model is focused on developing close ties with their clients and on building out solutions that are specific to the client’s problems and challenges. 

That means that you probably won’t see Roper trying to get into the social media game or other large-scale technologies any time soon, but that they’re looking for an approach that’s more about creating the perfect end-product, rather than a simply workable one. 

All that said, Roper Technologies has a wide range of subsidiary companies, including iTradeNetwork, Verathon, ConstructConnect, and more. Guiding so many different subsidiaries in so many different niches has got to be a challenge, but if the returns are anything to go by, L. Neil Hunn isn’t just up to the challenge; he’s ready to push forward into bigger and better things. 

You might have noticed that all three of these CEOs are in different fields, and that’s important because it shows how much more diverse Florida is becoming. At one point, if you were looking for tech solutions, you were looking to the innovators in California or Texas to lead the way. 

These days, with innovative CEOs at the helm of growing and exciting businesses, more than one industry is being disrupted by the new things coming out of Florida. 

Of course, it was hard to choose just three, but all three of these CEOs are making a big difference in the way their companies operate and how profitable their industries can be. 

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