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A people search engine differs from any regular internet-based search engine because it offers genuine details about people otherwise unavailable on social media. With people search websites, you can get contact details, marriage records, professional records, and even a person’s court records, which is almost impossible for any regular search engine to offer. This is why you should always trust a people search portal reputed for authenticity and has a huge database. is one such portal that stands out for its advanced technology-based search, billions of genuine public records, and confidentiality of information. Most importantly, it is free for everyone. helps you search for anyone in the US with just their first and last name. You can also add the state to filter out the search results further. Whether you are looking for an old friend, want to verify the records of a new employee you just hired, or want to learn about your new neighbor for your family’s security, is the go-to search platform to find valuable information in just a few minutes. 

Every day, thousands of people use to find contact information, address, social media profiles, court records, and even criminal records of people across the US. The portal offers fast and accurate results that would have otherwise taken months or weeks if manually searched through public records in the US. This people search website boasts billions of authentic records updated weekly to offer the most accurate information. It is completely free and easy to use. 

There are endless ways you can benefit from You can reconnect with old friends, a college roommate, or a relative, or learn about your new neighbor, a colleague, an employee, etc. Most online people search platforms offer information based on the data obtained from various websites. Some people search websites also collect data from social media, which can be inaccurate. Given the tendency of misinformation, has been said to be a more trusted platform as it searches not only websites but also public records to provide quality information. It is like getting online access to US public records. complies with all FCRA regulations. In line with its regulations and compliance, users cannot initiate a search to make decisions on consumer credit, insurance, employment, tenant screening, or other purposes that require FCRA compliance. Also, people are prohibited from using the website to stalk or spy on others, for identity theft, or to determine scholarships. Any user not adhering to the platform’s guidelines may break the law enforced by FCRA and be liable to its penalties. 

Due to its inimitable results derived from thousands of sources, has been endorsed by millions for providing the best information. The platform is also known for offering risk-free people searches, as all the information provided is legal and private. This means will always keep your search history confidential. is truly changing the traditional means of reconnecting with loved ones or safeguarding their assets and family in just a click. 


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