Unleashing Beauty Amidst Chaos: FOXYLAB NY x Maria Vittoria Del Rosso’s New Collection Shines Light on Oil Spills and Environmental Destruction

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FOXYLAB NEW YORK, an innovative streetwear fashion brand that features a VR-room, limited edition numbered pieces, and NFT equivalents, is excited to announce the launch of their latest drop, “ROMANTICISM”, featuring designs by artist Maria Vittoria Del Rosso.

Half Italian and half American, Maria Vittoria is an early graduate from the prestigious Polimoda institute in Florence. With a passion for art and fashion, she draws her inspiration from the ambiguity and dark depths of New York City.

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Maria Vittoria’s collaboration with FOXYLAB NEW YORK focuses on the fragility and strength of the human being. Inspired by the devastating 2006 oil spill in Mexico, Maria Vittoria’s unique drawing style uses ink blots and drips to create a distinctive visual effect, showcasing a beautiful girl’s face that is smeared. Together, FOXYLAB NEW YORK and Maria Vittoria aim to raise awareness about the importance of environmental consciousness and the fragility of life on our planet.   

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“I see that there is a strong desire to question many aspects, looking at inclusivity and sustainability. This is a very important aspect, and we must continue to move forward along this path,” said Maria Vittoria Del Rosso, emphasizing the importance of these concepts.

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Founder of creative laboratory FOXYLAB NEW YORK Oxana De Castro: “The paradox of life is that humans strive for beauty throughout their existence – creating beautiful homes, buying beautiful things, and working towards a beautiful appearance – yet we also possess the ability to destroy beautiful things so easily. The fragility of real beauty is that it cannot be repaired like human-made objects. Let us cherish the beauty that surrounds us and strive to protect it for future generations.”

The collection includes t-shirts, button-up shirts, hoodies – all available in pristine white. Cargo pants are available in white and black colors.This color choice is intended to represent the purity and innocence of nature, free from pollution and harm.

With Maria Vittoria Del Rosso’s unique designs, FOXYLAB NEW YORK continues to push the boundaries of streetwear fashion while staying true to its sustainable and creative approach.

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The new collection is now available for purchase on FOXYLAB NEW YORK’s website and at select retailers. With this launch, FOXYLAB NEW YORK is once again setting the standard for sustainable and eco-conscious fashion, while encouraging consumers to make a positive impact on the planet through their purchasing decisions.


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Prod/Art direction:@agata_vostrikova

Photography: @phbelyaeva

Style: @innaprovotorova

Models: Dina, Nikita @vprojectmodels

Mua & Hair artist: @valeriemacherie

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