Vibe Body Care Extends Innovative Products that Revolutionizes Haircare and Boosts Confidence in Men

For most people, pomade, hair gels, clay, and other men’s hair care products give an impracticality to everyday life. But, Vibe Body Care sees in them something unimaginable and offers products that complete men’s necessities — lying beyond the limits of the industry’s standards. And in a time when most people have to deal with distressing hair experiences, Vibe Body Care stands out as an exception. Now, it finds an unlikely synergy between its products and success.

The California Company located in Chino Hills, Vibe Body Care, foreshadows the haircare industry in various striking ways. It is one of the rising companies that redefine hair care in an innovative and modern way. Laying a foundation with its young entrepreneur founder, the company now expands and is quickly escalating success on its own. And — more relevant in today’s time — creating cruelty-free, long-lasting, and harmless ingredient products.

Vibe Body Care started as a small starting local company. Last March 2020, it began selling one product with under 100 stocks in the garage of the 20-year-old owner, Timothy Morris. Knowing no defeats, it persevered even without budget, experience, help, or business knowledge to be where it is at present.

In a short span of a year and a half, Vibe Body Care is skyrocketing its sales and success, expanding to four products and over ten thousand in stock. In a month, it is now making more revenues than all its eight-month combined gains.

At Vibe Body Care, a one-of-a-kind product makes hair sleek with less product and more lasting effects. Spray Clay is the company’s top-selling product released in late February 2021.

Spray Clay is the face of Vibe Body Care for a reason. It differentiates itself in the men’s hairstyling market as a hair clay or gel in one spray version. Notably, Spray Clay was formulated to create a high-quality clay replacement and time-saving styler with three easy steps. With simply two to three sprays and some finishing touches, the best-selling product adds fragrance and style to anyone’s daily routine, ultimately dominating the company’s sales more than anything.

When the world often overlooks men’s hygiene, the company understands the need for grooming and self-care. Rapidly growing a step at a time, Vibe Body Care retails on shelves such as Clarks Nutrition Grocery Stores,,, and more locations across the United States.

Using digital platforms to its advantage, Vibe Body Care launched its website in April 2021. Since then, it has been continuously gaining more sales and attracting Gen-Zs, millennials, and other audiences from all walks of life. 

Vibe Body Care was born out of a passion for the industry. After spending years making a pomade with his chemical engineer father growing up, Morris pursued and perfected a formula of his own. He shares, “Since then, I would always go to stores like Target and go straight to the men’s personal care area.”

With hard work and determination, Morris is changing hair care sweepingly with Vibe Body Care. He hopes to extend creative, innovative products that help men worldwide feel more confident.

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