VladHQ on Beating the Odds and Carving a Path Toward the Forefront of the Music Industry

For countless people worldwide, discovering their passion and deciding on the dream they want to pursue relatively came easy. All it took was a fateful encounter with a professional, an afternoon watching a TV show, or the influence of a parent. However, translating that vision into reality is a different story. More often than not, the road to success is peppered with a seemingly endless string of challenges, from a lack of resources to the highly competitive nature of their target industry. In the case of VladHQ, a rising rapper hailing from St. Louis, the tension inherent among artists threatened to block his path to the top, but despite the odds, he remained steadfast in his goal to reach the forefront of the music scene. 

With an impressive arsenal of skills to bring to the table, VladHQ has always had an affinity toward beats and rhythms. Since he was young, he capitalized on music to escape from reality, a move that millions of people worldwide are intimately familiar with. Eventually, his initial interest in the craft transformed into a deep-seated passion, one that would influence the trajectory of his life. “I started making music when I was 16, making beats in a studio in Florida,” he recalled. Soon afterward, he discovered that a career in the industry would provide him with an outlet to express himself and an opportunity to secure a better standing. 

Heavily inspired by household names like 2Pac, Eminem, and Smokepurpp, VladHQ is currently taking significant strides toward the limelight. Armed to introduce his name to music enthusiasts worldwide and cement a reputation as a must-watch force, the talented go-getter is going all-out to build connections by traveling to other states, showcasing his distinctive artistry in the process. At the core of his initiatives is both the desire to take center stage in a field known for its cut-throat nature and the mission of inspiring others with his story. 

“I came from a third-world country, Ukraine, and was able to build something from nothing,” VladHQ shared. More than anything, he proves that one’s humble beginnings cannot predetermine the course of their future. So long as people cling to the dream they want to materialize, persevere, and barrel through the expectations — positive or negative — of others, attaining great heights will always be feasible.

Apart from the challenge that comes hand in hand with entering an industry that has served as the playing ground for artists born to privilege and connections since time immemorial, VladHQ also had to contend with hate comments. With the anonymity provided to Internet users and the ease with which individuals can share their thoughts online without careful consideration, almost every musician has been on the receiving end of ill-intentioned remarks. The St. Louis rapper was no exception, but amid the negative feedback, he pushed through and directed his attention on honing his skills instead. 

VladHQ, who is coming out with a comedy documentary movie titled VladHQ: The Most Dangerous Rapper in St. Louis, is looking forward to securing a coveted spot at the summit of the music scene in the coming years. With much to offer, this incredible performer, who has opened up for artists like Da Baby, Blueface, and Snap Dogg, plans to make an indelible impact in the industry.

Learn more about VladHQ by visiting his website and checking out his Instagram page and Youtube channel.


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