With a Drive for Success, Childhood Friends Zane Valandry and Greg Pugh Establish Their Successful Exotic Car Rental Company VP Exotics

Who doesn’t want to look their best in a fancy luxury car speeding through the highway and leaving onlookers in sheer awe? There’s a certain sense of style and comfort in seeing individuals cruising in the latest luxury car that it becomes a symbol of confidence, status, and power. VP Exotics is the number one car rental provider in Miami that gives its clients all of that and more. 

VP Exotics stemmed from an idea between two childhood friends who wanted nothing more than to pursue their business venture in the Miami exotic car rental industry. Zane Valandry and Greg Pugh teamed up to pursue their business venture in the vibrant Miami area after noticing the lucrative opportunities that opened up to them.

When VP Exotics initially started out, it was a humble business venture between two childhood friends. Nowadays, the business has massively grown its fleet, already acquiring a 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder full custom exhaust and matte black wrap, as well as a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette 2lt z51 package black on black. Not to mention, their fleet also has the 2019 Lamborghini Urus, which has been a coveted car among their A-list clients.

VP Exotics is all about building their trust with their clientele and providing them with incredible customer service. The renowned exotic car rental company caters to everyone from high-end celebrity clients to your everyday Miami tourist; they do not discriminate among their clients and treat them all equally and fairly.

The secret to the company’s success has always been its A+ customer service, its attention to the slightest details, and all the custom exotic cars at their disposal. Their cars are one-of-a-kind, and their clients greatly appreciate the value that only VP Exotics can bring. It’s no surprise why the company has been steadily growing to this very day, as they plan on acquiring even more luxury cars and adding them to their fleet.

There is no other car rental company that is doing it better than VP Exotics. Their cars are 100% customized with entirely unique custom parts that couldn’t be found anywhere else. The company is poised to grow even larger in the near future as Zane and Greg scale the company up and drive their revenues through their business expertise.

The childhood friends have been business partners for close to 15 years now. They initially started out in the entrepreneurial industry by purchasing multiple properties in the Boston and Miami areas. They knew that now was a good time to expand their business venture into the exotic car industry seeing how lucrative Miami has gotten over the years.

In the near future, the VP Exotics founders hope to incorporate their Airbnb properties with the rental business so clients can build up points and earn free stays while they do business with them. As the company continues to grow in the Miami area, the long-term plan for the company is to get involved in various states in America, opening up many new stores as the years go by. 

It’s only a matter of time before VP Exotics truly dominates the exotic car rental industry in the United States, and once that happens, Zane and Greg are poised to set their sights on the entire world. 

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