April 16, 2024
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Yacht Hampton Success Expands to South Florida with

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Image Commercially Licensed

“From Jupiter to Miami,” Yacht Hampton’s founder Joe Ialacci explains that South Florida Yacht Rental has been officially launched.  Yacht Hampton (formerly known as Hamptons Boat Rental) has already seized a dominant market share within the affluent yacht rental industry centered within the prominent South Fork, Long Island community. Yacht Hampton has been a disruptive force in the industry, by raising the gold bar standard on what a boat club fleet should comprise of. 

“Seven of the 10 boats in our luxury boating club are 2020 models or newer,” he said. “This isn’t your Grandpa Earl’s boat club.” The 10-boat fleet includes several bow riders that are ideal for water sports like water skiing, wakeboarding and tubing, such as the 22-foot Bayliner that seats eight. The largest boat in the fleet is Velocity, the crown jewel, a 62-foot Pershing yacht, an Italian model that’s the ultimate expression of luxury, perfect for a special occasion or outing. Not only does the Pershing offer the highest pinnacle of luxury, but can travel at top speeds of 48 knots, as it is powered by a MAN V12 1550 engine which skips across the open seas offering guests a “Miami Vice,” meets “St. Tropez,” type experience. 

Ialacci sees a ‘blue ocean,’ in South Florida as most competitors are offering clients aging fleets of 1-3 boats for rental  without modern amenities that are required to compete in a marketplace where style and luxury are fused together to create the highest degree of fun and luxury. New vessels encompass modern mechanics, design and technology which is a driving force for guests who expect and necessitate excellence that will match the price tags on yacht trip packages. Toys like Hydrofoil Hoverboards are now available through Yacht Hampton to experience in conjunction with vessels without wind or waves required. Many South Florida fleet owners offer guests with 20-year old vessels at similar price points, which is where Ialacci sees a major gap in the market to be capitalized upon.

The Yacht Hampton experience comes when the need for luxury boat rentals  are at an all-time high, and the number of actual boats and yachts available for purchase are at an industry-low. Boat enthusiasts who book yacht charters share their most memorable experiences with staff members  such as weddings, bachelorette parties, annual company outings, as well as private excursions that involve high-level business negotiations where the vessel and staff involved are co-stars throughout the voyage.  The perception of good vs bad vs. great experiences are shared with hundreds in an age where special events are documented through a social media lens through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Guests take beautiful selfies aboard top vessels to promote their events which in turn generate solid press for the yachting industry as a whole, but are quick to dismiss vessels or companies that are not up to the gold standard which the yachting industry is known for.

Speaking on the surge in demand for boating facilities, Ialacci said, “Our boating club is already half sold out! Due to the scarcity of everything from car rentals to summer home rentals, people are pivoting their focus to other options on how to enjoy their summer, and many are heading for the water. As a result, we are seeing the perfect storm in our business – an increase in demand, less availability of boats for purchase due to manufacturing and shipping delays, and decreased availability of slips for dockage. Last season 95% of our bookings were one-offs, one-time excursions; however, this season, that number is more like 65%, where 35% of our bookings are seasonal passes, with our boating club guaranteeing a minimum of five trips for the season.”

Yacht Hampton’s chartered boat rentals are available for any occasion, including sunset cruises, corporate events, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, Palm Beach or Miami bachelorette parties, weddings, or any other special occasion are now available in Miami and Key Biscayne to West Palm Beach and Jupiter on their website All charters include a USCG licensed captain on board to ensure the safety of everyone on board. 

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Media contact: Joe Ialacci

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