April 16, 2024
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After Two Decades, Mark Hicks’ Passion Project “Retribution for Cory” Finally Comes to Life

After Two Decades, Mark Hicks’ Passion Project “Retribution for Cory” Finally Comes to Life
Photo Courtesy: Mark Hicks

Mark Hicks has been honing his craft as a director, writer, and stunt coordinator in Hollywood for over 20 years. But through it all, he’s nurtured one longtime passion project – the emotive action film “Retribution for Cory.” This deeply personal script focuses on the redemptive journey of two estranged brothers. It has undergone over 19 rewrites, with Hicks tirelessly pushing to translate his uncompromising creative vision to screen.

The genesis of “Cory” came early in Hicks’ career, inspired by a yearning to explore themes of reconciliation and the cyclic nature of violence plaguing communities. But despite its richness of ideas, the project struggled for years to find its footing without financial backers willing to take a chance on such a character-driven action film.

Rather than compromise the complex emotional core of “Cory” to attract interest, Hicks persisted developing the script while undertaking more commercially viable directing work. He funneled his passion into the company he founded, Stunt Supreme Productions. The outlet allowed him to hone his gritty, humanistic style across lower budget features focused on inclusive representation.

Now after over two decades of waiting in the wings, the stars have finally aligned for “Retribution for Cory.” Backed by indie financing, Hicks commenced principal photography last year. Driven by determination seeing his uncompromised vision brought to life, the director channeled explosive energy into an intensive eight week shoot.

Early footage displays the trademark combination of hard-hitting action and stripped-down emotionality defining Hicks’ filmmaking. The director’s long-gestating opus tackles weighty themes of guilt, wrath, and salvation through the lens of brotherly bonds ruptured by trauma. It’s sure to deliver the compelling character drama underpinning his most spectacular action set pieces yet.

For those aware of Hicks’ creative ambition, it comes as no surprise this passion project simmers with such rich thematic resonance. He has always envisioned using cinema’s mass reach to explore social issues close to his heart. Though the road to manifesting his definitive statement spans decades, “Cory” will hopefully introduce Hicks’ blend of adrenaline and emotional intimacy to wider audiences. For the director himself, witnessing his labor of love finalized surely marks the sweetest of vindications after years of waiting.

The results of channeling creative energies into this personal landmark display stoic patience and commitment finally paying dividends. As “Retribution for Cory” gears up, it lays the foundations for an overdue breakthrough moment carving out space for Mark Hicks’ brand of smart, inclusive action movies within the mainstream.

With a robust filmography spanning over two decades, director and stunt coordinator Mark Hicks towers as a veteran in his field. He brings a rich blend of experiences in front of and behind the cameras to every ambitious new project.

After Two Decades, Mark Hicks’ Passion Project “Retribution for Cory” Finally Comes to Life
Photo Courtesy: Mark Hicks

Hicks cultivated on-set expertise across a vast range of practical stunt work earlier in his career. His athletic talents encompass combat choreography, scuba diving, high falls, vehicle maneuvers, pyrotechnics and more. He complimented natural physical gifts by training vigorously in martial arts, gymnastics, and acrobatics.

Equally committed behind the scenes, Hicks began stunt coordinating and action directing in 1998. His work rapidly reached global stages, accepting projects across China, Hong Kong, Japan, Romania, Malaysia, and beyond. All while maintaining a steady output guiding adrenaline-fueled sequences for Hollywood films.

The culmination of Hicks’ early rise saw him receive one of the industry’s highest honors – the prestigious Taurus Stunt Award – for contributions elevating 2001’s Rush Hour 2. But rather than rest on laurels, he parlayed accolades into an opportunity to fulfill personal creative ambitions.

Drawing from his stunt pedigree, Hicks founded the niche production company Stunt Supreme focused on his trademark gritty, high-octane action style. He revels in opportunities directing dynamic spectacle while marrying athletic set pieces with emotionally rich narratives related to social issues.

Now with the long-awaited release of passion project “Retribution for Cory,” Hicks channels two decades of hard-won experience realizing his uncompromised creative vision. Built on a foundation of authentic stunt work, he strives to pass the torch to represent action’s exciting future.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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