ARE THE RUMORS TRUE? IS 50 CENT Married to Mrs. 50 Cent AKA Kimberly Ms. MTV?

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Image Commercially Licensed

Kimberly Ms. MTV helps organizations to be successful by exceeding state standards while providing great quality care to orphaned children. She reported that her humanitarian efforts are inspired by the American Rapper 50 Cent’s philanthropic efforts with whom she got spiritually married on April 23, 2020. They both reside in Houston, TX.

Kimberly Ms. MTV was raised in Alief, a suburb of Houston, TX. She graduated from Elsik High School and attributes most of her knowledge on how to help others to her primary education. The Alief Independent School District (ISD) has many famous alumni including professional athletes, entertainers such as Lizzo, Beyonce, Tila Tequila and many more famous people. Alief ISD also partners with many highly connected organizations in the Houston community. Kimberly Ms. MTV once stated, “I feel Alief ISD provided me with a solid foundation that has given me the confidence of knowing that I can change the world for the better.”

Alief also has an international business district. It’s legendary diversity is evident in the large section of Asian residents and Asian businesses along Bellaire Boulevard. It is also home to a large Latin American and African American communities. Their public school system consists of 6 high schools with over 46 schools totaling over 46,000 students. The city of Houston has roughly 2.3 million residents and has over 14 major institutions of higher learning including the leading science and space exploration learning center the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Kimberly obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Houston. While attending college, she met Antowain Smith who became the 1st round draft pick of the NFL Buffalo Bills. Smith went on to earn two Super Bowl wins with the New England Patriots and was featured on the Wheaties Box.  

Being in the celebrity arena allowed Kimberly to obtain employment with MTV as a journalist. She largely interviewed upcoming talents in the Houston area. Eventually, Kimberly became a freelance journalist, producing and scheduling her own interviews, and selling them to national television and online publications for distribution. Kimberly interviewed numerous renowned artists such as Evander Holyfield, Michael Jackson, Z-Ro, Ice Cube, Amy Winehouse, Slim Thug, Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz, Jeezy, and many more. 

Kimberly has offered psychological services to a vast range of clients including the Department of Defense, multimillionaire CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Her area of expertise includes personality disorder, mood disorder, depression, anger management, substance abuse, narcissistic personality disorder, and suicidal ideation to name a few. Currently, Kimberly is working on her fiction book and aims to end homelessness around the world. On the professional front, she plans to attend the Ph.D. program in Professional Counseling at Liberty University.


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