Buzzing Artist, Seasickwavy Continues to Dazzle Audiences on His Tour of Five Cities in Five States

With a thriving music career comes the need to connect with fans and be seen by many people as possible. Talented artist Seasickwavy has announced the continuation of his tour and will be performing at Knitting Factory, New York on the 10th of August 2022.

This performance comes after his past appearances on the tour in Los Angeles, CA at Regent Theater, San Diego, CA at Corazon Del Barrio and Miami, FL at The Joint of Miami. He had an especially unforgettable time in Miami as he connected with many fans who showed so much love for the artist while he delivers quality entertainment and the best of his music catalog. Now, his sight is set on the upcoming New York and Phoenix, AZ appearances at the Knitting Factory and Nile Theater, respectively, the latter to be held on August 13 as he joins the tour of artist, Autumn!

Born Anthony Caruso to a Hawaiian father and Italian mother, Seasickwavy has had quite an experience growing up, with his diverse background and the type of upbringing he had. He has one sibling, a brother, with whom their mother raised him, as his father spent a great deal of time in prison. As a result, he had to overcome and deal with many odds as a young boy, and today, everything he has experienced shaped him into the man he is. Every day, he strives to be better as a person, being a father to his children and an artist, inspiring many young people to become better.

Seasickwavy takes pride in his abilities and being able to do many things. He is not only a musician but also an actor and a barber. His multifacetedness began way back when he was a grade school student learning and writing poetry. He started writing music from there, drawing inspiration from personal struggles and life experiences he had at such a young age. All of these have contributed to the uniqueness of his sound. “My sound is so unique from hip hop to alternative. My music catalog is beyond many other artists in the industry, showing that I can literally do it all,” he said.

His creativity and versatility are two of the most profound qualities that draw his diverse audience to him. He has shown his ability to crisscross multiple genres, including hip-hop and rock while gaining fans and delivering music they enjoy. The caliber of artists and producers he has worked with over the years has significantly impacted his career. His singles, “Pesos” featuring Kap G and “Hold Me Down” featuring Daddex, have trended on many streaming platforms. He also left an indelible impression with his “Hold Me Down” performance in his hometown of Orange County at The Observatory with Landon Cube, 24kgldn and Daddex.

Seasickwavy has achieved a lot for himself as an artist, from when he rose to prominence in 2011 on the show X-Factor, where he made it to the fifth round, until now that he has a slew of singles and tour performances to his credit. In addition, he has created numerous opportunities for himself, such as his interview with Big Boy Live and other media spotlights that have earned him record deal offers.

In the next few years, Seasickwavy sees himself flourishing as an independent artist selling out venues and releasing chart-topping projects that every part of the world can enjoy.


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