April 16, 2024
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Celebrating Excellence: The MDTLA Installation Gala of 2024

Celebrating Excellence: The MDTLA Installation Gala of 2024
Photo Courtesy: Richard Fraginals

The MDTLA Installation Gala of 2024, held on February 17th at the Loews Coral Gables Hotel, was not merely a ceremonial event; it was a profound manifestation of the legal community’s commitment to justice, excellence, and service. This gala, attended by luminaries of the legal profession, marked the beginning of a new chapter for the Miami Dade Trial Lawyers Association (MDTLA) with its 2024 Officers and Executive Board installation. The event showcased a collective aspiration to uphold the highest legal practice and advocacy standards, emphasizing the legal community’s role in fostering a just society.

Among the attendees were distinguished members of the legal profession, including the newly installed Treasurer, Attorney Amanda Demanda from the Amanda Demanda Law Group, and Attorney Stacy Emas, who took her oath as a Board Member. Their roles, pivotal to the functioning of the MDTLA, symbolize a renewed dedication to the association’s core missions: promoting justice, ensuring access to courts, and advocating for the rights of individuals.

The wisdom and insights of esteemed speakers enriched the gala. The Honorable Lourdes Simon, Associate Administrative Judge of the 11th Circuit Civil Division, delivered an inspiring speech that captivated the audience, emphasizing integrity and the pursuit of justice. Attorney Michael Haggard’s heartfelt introduction of the incoming president, Pedro Echarte III, highlighted Echarte’s leadership qualities and unwavering dedication to the association’s goals.

A touching moment was provided by Judge Pedro Echarte, Jr., who administered the oath of office, and Judge William Altfield, whose rendition of the national anthem infused the event with a sense of solemnity and patriotism. This underscored the legal profession’s commitment to the country’s foundational values, including justice and equity.

President Echarte III’s speech was a poignant reminder of the importance of sponsorship and the collective effort required to fulfill the MDTLA’s mission. His acknowledgment of the sponsors and the call to continuous dedication resonated with the attendees, highlighting the ongoing work needed to advance the association’s goals.

The event was not just formal speeches and ceremonies; it was also a celebration of camaraderie and shared values. The attendees enjoyed a sumptuous banquet, music, and dancing featuring performances by Lucy Grau and the Miami Elite Band, as well as DJ Ralph Sosa from Music Revolution Miami. This festive atmosphere facilitated joy and unity among the guests, reinforcing the sense of community within the legal profession.

The MDTLA Installation Gala was a testament to the enduring spirit of excellence that characterizes the legal community in Miami. It was an evening that celebrated past achievements while looking forward to future challenges with optimism and resolve. The gala emphasized the legal profession’s pivotal role in advocating for justice, educating the public, and supporting each other in their professional journeys.

As the night drew to a close, the event’s impact was evident in the inspired faces of the attendees. The gala not only honored the achievements of its members but also reinvigorated their commitment to the principles of justice, integrity, and excellence. It was a clear demonstration that the MDTLA, through its activities and the dedication of its members, plays a crucial role in shaping a just and equitable society.

The MDTLA Installation Gala of 2024 celebrated the legal profession’s commitment to excellence, advocacy, and service. It served as a reminder of the significant impact that dedicated legal professionals can have on society. As the attendees left the Loews Coral Gables Hotel, they carried the inspiration and determination to continue their work with renewed vigor, paving the way for a future where justice and integrity prevail. This gala was not just an event; it was a beacon of hope and a call to action for all those committed to making a difference in the legal profession and beyond.


Published By: Aize Perez

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