Chad Vandegriffe is Florida Tropics’ Defender to Watch

The Florida Tropics have announced their team for next season. The soccer club is bringing back some all-stars. Among these all-stars is none other than Chad Vandegriffe, last year’s defender of the year.  

Vandegriffe is a team favorite and fan favorite. He has over 4,100 followers on Instagram, where he shares his soccer career and life. He posts often so that his followers can stay informed and updated on his career. “I want them to know this is the real me and my only account,” he says.

Chad’s followers are interested in both him as a person and his professional soccer career. His followers include his fans, aspiring professional soccer players, former and current teammates, fans of soccer, youth soccer players, professional soccer players, professional athletes, and other well-known professionals. Big names like MMA fighter Zach Freeman and country singer Chris Bandi reside in his followers. 

Chad Vandegriffe has a long history with the game of soccer. He has played professional indoor and outdoor soccer for the past 11 seasons. He’s been a star player on the United Soccer League 2nd division team, the Major Indoor Soccer League 1st division indoor team, and the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) 1st division indoor team. 

Vandegriffe has amassed some impressive professional accolades so far in his career. He is recognized as one of the top players in the MASL. Here are some of his accomplishments:

  • Major Arena Soccer League Defender of the Year 2021-22
  • Major Arena Soccer League Elite Six 2021-22
  • Major Arena Soccer League Regular Season Champion 2021
  • Major Arena Soccer League All-Third Team 2021
  • Major Arena Soccer League Champion 2018-19
  • Major Indoor Soccer League All-Rookie Team 2013-14

The Florida Tropics MASL indoor team is excited to have him signed back on for 3 years. Coach Clay Roberts is amongst the most ecstatic. Roberts says that “the consistency of his play is pretty unmatched. I can’t look back at any game last year and think that he was not just very good for us. And two, he’s so consistent, not only in how he plays, but his leadership and how he fuels the other guys. To get him re-signed for multiple years is huge for our organization.”

Believe it or not, this isn’t Vandegriffe’s first Defender of the Year title. He grew up in Missouri where he attended Chaminade College Preparatory School. His soccer skills blossomed, and he was a four-year letter winner and team captain for the school soccer team. Chad impressively won Defensive Player of the Year during his time on the team.

He’s always been a well-rounded guy. In high school, he lettered in baseball and basketball in addition to soccer. Chad is no stranger to accomplishments and championship titles. He’s a great role model, a stellar player, and an encouraging teammate. There’s no doubt he’ll continue to thrive in his upcoming seasons with the Florida Tropics. 


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