Crowning Beauty and Talent: “Lady of the World 2022” Contest Aims to Empower Women and Celebrate Diversity

Lady of the World 2022
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The “Lady of the World 2022” contest was held at the highest level this year, taking place on the Professional Concert Stage at Dania Beach Casino. However, this event is not just a competition but a whole project, according to its director Evgenia Bortnik.

The “Lady of the World” contest aimed to break stereotypes and evolve into a project about the history of different peoples and nationalities, highlighting the diverse talents of its participants. These contestants were chosen from a six-month-long casting process and traveled to Miami for the final competition.

Bortnik, the organizer of the “Lady of the World,” also emphasizes that the event is created by a woman for women and serves as an excellent platform to kickstart a modeling career. The event is not just a competition but also a week-long celebration of femininity, self-care, and networking opportunities.

Lady of the World 2022
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In addition to recognizing the beauty and talents of its participants, the “Lady of the World” contest also provides valuable opportunities for its winners. According to Bortnik, many of the artists, participants, partners, and sponsors involved in the competition were immediately invited to other projects following the event. “I received a lot of feedback and thanks and realized that this was a very successful year, and the competition has become a real trendsetter for everyone because only the best professionals work with me!” she said.

The winners of the “Lady of the World 2022” contest are as follows: Natali London for Lady of The World 2022, Tamia Whitrack for Lady of the World 1st Runner up, Dayana Belevitch for Lady of the World 2nd Runner up, Damilya Akayeva Collins for Mrs. People Choice Awards, Olesia Mashchenko for Miss People Choice Awards, Elizabet Vepretska for Best Model Russian America TV, Sasha Syskova for Best Model Reklama Magazine, Liliya Raskina for Best Business Model, Olesia Grishchenko for American Modeling Academy, Zhanna Shevchenko for Best Model Florida & US Magazine, Natalia Shymko for Best Mom Model, Mila Universe for Best Style Model, Maria Mudrova for Best Model Top People Magazine, and Kate Darmaeva for Best Fitness Model.

Lady of the World 2022
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Bortnik expressed gratitude to the event’s sponsors and supporters, who have been vital in its success, namely skincare company Ecoistka, 24-hour members-only Gee Gym, American Modeling Academy, Cognac brand Aznauri, Anthony Cooper, Ary Krau MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Branovan, jury member of Ilona Nesterova Mrs. Universe International 2022-2023 and Dana Askar, Chief Director of the Project American Modeling Academy Maria Kucharenko, Bortnik Chess Academy Manager Anastasiya Shevialevich and its Founder Oleksandr Bortnyk, Vocal Art Miami, RS Digital Lab – Anastasiya Shevialevich and Alexey Ravin; Miami Law Group Lead Immigration Lawyer Aliaksandr Sirytsyn and Yacht Charter Company Miami Boat Rentals.

She also extends her thanks to the Lady of the World 2022’s producer Max Lebedev, photographer team Julia Makoveeva, Lily Vepretska, Eugene Polyak, Nastasia Nogic, Daria, Natalli and Alexey Serdyutskiy; Tatiana Tint and all beauty industry sponsors and partners Iana Apolinova, Acqualina Hair Salon, Glow Sun Bar and Dr. Kraus Lasermedspa; designers Kosmos couture, Full moon Bridal, Aydana Omarova and Sonya Kirshin; media partners R Mag Chicago Miami and Reklama, Russian America TV, Florida & US, RUSA Radio; creative team Rusatusamia, Miami Quiz, Dmitry Sahno, Sergey Zheleztsov, and Olga Mazur; restaurants and event producers Ararat Miami, Catherine Rosche Planner, The Guest Restaurant, Sasha Poline, Pipa Lounge, Raspoutine Miami, Mishka Soho, and Casino Dania Beach.

The team behind the “Lady of the World 2022” contest has also announced that it is holding a casting call for children for the largest children’s project in Miami, “Kids Of The World.” With various categories, such as runway, fashion, art, musical instruments, circus studios, vocal, dance and theater schools, as well as a creative component and a modeling aspect, this event is set to be the biggest modeling opportunity for both girls and boys. The event will include a professional photo shoot and video recording for portfolios, providing an excellent opportunity for children to build their portfolios and gain experience in the industry. Schools and creative centers for children are welcome to participate in this exciting opportunity.

“Kids of the World” is a unique event that aims to provide talented children with the honorary title of “Mini Miss Miami” and “Mini Mister Miami.” Participants of the children’s festival will be able to present any of their creative works, which will help to realize sensitive leaders, teachers of schools and creative centers worldwide. The winners of “Kids of the World” will become the best of the best at the children’s international competition and festival of beauty and talent. Furthermore, designers of children’s clothing, children’s brands, and all those who live and create for children and the sake of children can also participate in the festival.

On top of all the activities for “Kids of the World,” the team along with producer and author  of a unique methodology, Max Lebedev, is also working on a project “School of Musical and Theater Arts” that will teach children to be unique and inimitable and will reveal the most unexpected talents, while the “School of TV presenters” will show how TV shows, interviews and children’s news are made through its own television Internet channel. 

In conclusion, the “Lady of the World 2022” contest was a successful event that not only recognized the beauty and talents of its participants but also provided valuable networking opportunities for all involved. Furthermore, as they continue their mission to uphold women and celebrate their diversity, the organizers have announced the ongoing applications for “Lady of the World 2023” for participants, designers, partners, and sponsors. Interested parties may check out the applications on the event’s website or email them to


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