DJ Chris Angel Shares Journey of Transitioning From Military Man to Music Artist

Starting a new chapter is easier said than done. Christian Younan, better known as DJ Chris Angel, left the US Military to pursue his heart’s desire: music. Although his intention of leaving was filled with hope and passion, the veteran shared that going into a new chapter in his life also brought him social anxiety and depression. It’s never easy for anyone to jump into a whole new environment, and the same goes for DJ Chris Angel. 

Despite having the talent for music, he was plagued by his own feelings of self-sabotage and fear. “It ruined my ability to be in large crowds of people, which affected my music performances,” the artist shared. But with the work ethic he developed over the years, DJ Chris Angel was able to surpass his own expectation and gained admiration from music enthusiasts worldwide. 

Forced to grow up ahead of his time, DJ Chris Angel shared how life has been challenging since childhood. He started working his first job at the age of 14, taking whatever he could, such as watering plants for a coffee shop, to earn money. He juggled studying in high school with two jobs at the age of 16, working at a fast-food joint and at a music store selling CDs.

“I can say I didn’t have a normal upbringing,” shared DJ Chris Angel. “I knew something had to change. I started saving my money to purchase music equipment and old records, so I could begin scratching. I would pass up football practice to go to work, and my coach would yell, ‘Hey, magic man! Where are you going?’ I responded I was heading to work. I had very long hair at the time, so someone on my team started calling me ‘Chris Angel.’ That’s how I got my DJ name,” the artist shared further. 

Asked what his greatest tip would be to aspiring music artists who haven’t found their voice yet, DJ Chris Angel said that they should not be afraid to invest in their ideas. He further explained that one’s greatest fuel is truly confidence and self-belief, and without those factors, no one will be able to take a significant step forward.

For as long as he can remember, the artist shared how his father instilled the value of success and hard work within him, which fuel his every step today. Another tip that DJ Chris Angel wants to amplify is that people should not rush their success. “My dad once told me, ‘Son, every 1,000-mile trip begins with 1 step.’”

Ever since DJ Chris Angel overcame his self-doubt, he has become unstoppable in releasing music, and fans across the globe have been raving for him to produce more. “The fact that they constantly want to hear new tracks inspire me to create more, even going as far as making a track based on my fans’ names,” shared the artist. 

From being a military man to a music artist, DJ Chris Angel has captivated music lovers through his music that spans across different genres. His music is diverse, making him one of the most sought-after artists for music festivals. Furthermore, his tracks are successfully gaining traction online.

Instead of sticking to one particular style, DJ Chris Angel prefers to be known as an artist who constantly evolves. He loves surprising fans with what he will release next. Indeed, there’s no dull moment in his music career. To learn more about DJ Chris Angel, visit his Instagram.


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