April 21, 2024
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Egidijus Maciulis: A Lithuanian Mastermind Inspiring on a Global Scale with Sensual Bachata Dance

Egidijus Maciulis: A Lithuanian Mastermind Inspiring on a Global Scale with Sensual Bachata Dance
Photo Courtesy: Egidijus Maciulis

From the cobblestone streets of Lithuania to the vibrant dance floors across Europe and beyond, Egidijus Maciulis, affectionately known as Egis in the dance community, has carved a niche for himself as a distinguished ambassador of Sensual Bachata. His journey from a novice dancer to an international instructor and online entrepreneur encapsulates his passion for dance and his dedication to sharing this art form with the world. This article delves into Egis’s life, tracing his dance evolution and examining how he leverages digital platforms to propagate his love for Bachata.

Egis’s tryst with dancing commenced somewhat late in life; it was in his college years that he first encountered the rhythmic allure of Lithuanian folklore dances. This initial step into the realm of dance sparked an undying flame in him. Soon after, he ventured into contemporary Latin dance forms, such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Brazilian Zouk. However, it was Sensual Bachata that truly captured his heart and soul.

The transition from traditional Lithuanian folk to the passionate embrace of Latin dances symbolizes Egis’s personal growth and adaptability. Initially performing in Salsa and Bachata routines alongside his mentors’ teams, he gradually began exploring Sensual Bachata more profoundly. The fluidity and emotive expression inherent in Brazilian Zouk later influenced him to integrate these elements into his Sensual Bachata style, creating a unique fusion that set him apart.

Early in his career, Egis embarked on a quest for knowledge, traveling across Europe to learn from esteemed instructors in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and Turkey, among others. His three-month vacation in Seville, Spain was a significant milestone, where intensive training sessions refined his skills and pedagogical approaches. After returning to Lithuania, Egis collaborated with local talents like Migle and Jurgita. Together, they produced enthralling content that captivated audiences worldwide through Instagram (@EgiMaciulis), YouTube (EgisDance), TikTok (@EgisDance), amassing over 100 thousand followers enchanted by their Sensual Bachata performances.

His prowess on social media platforms did not go unnoticed; Egis’s innovative choreographies resonated with many aspiring dancers globally. Recognizing this reach and potential impact on others’ lives inspired him to take a leap forward by founding ‘Learn Bachata Dance,’ an online school dedicated to spreading the joy of Sensual Bachata far and wide.

‘Learn Bachata Dance’ is not merely an educational platform; it’s a testament to Egis’s vision of making Sensual Bachata accessible irrespective of geographical boundaries. Here, students can immerse themselves in learning both ‘Bachata Lady Style’ and intricate ‘Partnerwork Classes.’ Through this venture, Egidijus Maciulis is not just teaching dance moves; he is cultivating a global community bound by shared passion and cultural exchange.

Beyond online tutorials and classes held at his newly established base in Kaunas after teaching extensively across Europe, including Vilnius Austria festivals and congresses, Egis continues pursuing excellence. His accolades include clinching first place at the prestigious Bachata Zouk Royals Social Dance Competition’. Moreover, adjudicating numerous ‘Jack & Jill’ contests at various festivals underscores recognition for expertise within international dance circles.

In reflecting upon the journey thus far, one realizes the trajectory marked by the relentless pursuit of mastery over art and willingness to share insights gained along the way. “What else is coming?” muses Egidijus’s statement, indicative of openness towards future endeavors and possibilities awaiting the horizon.

For enthusiasts keen to follow updates or explore offerings in the’ Learn Dance’ school, visit official sites ( and Egis website ( 

In essence, Egidijus Maciulis exemplifies transformative power passion when channeled through persistent innovation . As he continues to traverse the globe imparting knowledge on sensual bachata, he remains a shining example of artistic excellence and entrepreneurial spirit thriving in the digital age.


Published By: Aize Perez

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