Empowering Justice and Diversity: The Vibrant Legacy of the TJ Reddick Bar Association

Empowering Justice and Diversity: The Vibrant Legacy of the TJ Reddick Bar Association
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Nestled in the heart of Broward County, Florida, the TJ Reddick Bar Association (TJRBA) stands as a beacon of justice, diversity, and community empowerment. For over four decades, this esteemed organization has been at the forefront of advancing equality, fostering inclusivity, and promoting excellence within the legal profession and beyond.

A Rich History of Advocacy and Progress

The roots of the TJ Reddick Bar Association trace back to November 12, 1982, when a visionary group of social engineers came together to address the systemic barriers faced by Black attorneys and communities in Broward County. Led by pioneering figures such as W. George Allen, Alcee L. Hastings, and Thomas J. Reddick, Jr., the association was founded on the principles of equality, justice, and opportunity for all.

Named in honor of Thomas J. Reddick, Jr., the first Black attorney to open an office and practice law in Broward County, the TJ Reddick Bar Association quickly emerged as a driving force for change. From advocating for equal access to legal opportunities to championing diversity on the bench, the association has been instrumental in breaking down barriers and paving the way for future generations of legal professionals.

Community Impact: Empowering Lives, Enriching Communities

At the heart of the TJ Reddick Bar Association’s mission is a steadfast commitment to making a tangible and lasting impact on the Broward County community. Through a myriad of initiatives and programs, the association strives to address pressing social issues, uplift underserved communities, and empower individuals to pursue their dreams.

From hosting educational symposiums and providing pro bono legal services to organizing back-to-school giveaways and supporting local youth initiatives, TJRBA’s community impact efforts are wide-ranging and impactful. These initiatives not only address immediate needs but also foster long-term change and empowerment, ensuring that all members of the community have access to justice, resources, and opportunities for success.

The Annual Gala: A Celebration of Excellence and Empowerment

One of the hallmark events on TJRBA’s calendar is the Annual Scholarship and Award Gala, a prestigious gathering that celebrates excellence, honors community leaders, and raises funds for scholarships to support aspiring legal professionals. This year’s gala, scheduled for June 1, 2024, promises to be an unforgettable evening filled with inspiration, camaraderie, and celebration.

As the current President of the TJ Reddick Bar Association, Sherea L. Randle, Esq., leads with passion, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to advancing the association’s mission. Under her visionary leadership, TJRBA continues to expand its reach, deepen its impact, and advocate for positive change in the legal profession and beyond.

Looking Towards the Future: A Commitment to Excellence and Equity

As TJ Reddick Bar Association embarks on its next chapter, it remains steadfast in its commitment to justice, diversity, and community empowerment. With a rich history of advocacy, a legacy of impactful initiatives, and a dedicated leadership team at the helm, the association is poised to continue making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities across Broward County and beyond.

In the words of President Sherea L. Randle, Esq., “Our work is far from over, but with the unwavering dedication of our members and the support of our community, we will continue to strive for excellence, promote diversity, and empower future generations to shape a more just and equitable society.”

The TJ Reddick Bar Association is more than just a legal organization; it is a catalyst for change, a champion for justice, and a beacon of hope for all who seek equality and opportunity. As we celebrate its vibrant legacy and look towards the future, let us join together in honoring its remarkable contributions and supporting its ongoing mission of empowerment and progress.


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