From Childhood to Young Adulthood: Psychic Veronica Moya Helps Kids Live Intuitively

Over the past decades, the world is rapidly-changing and unfolding. It has become increasingly daunting to prepare our children for an uncertain future. Children are often taught in schools that what matters most is developing their mind and excelling in their standardised test scores. But what about developing their inner selves, their heart, spirit, and emotional health? This is when an intuitive life coach, like Veronica Moya, steps in and helps children discover who they want to become. 

Originally born and raised in Argentina, Veronica moved to the US to teach kids how to develop their intuitive abilities and gain a competitive advantage in life. Veronica considers children as the future leaders of the world. With her mentoring, she teaches children to cope with their emotions, strengthen self-esteem, and achieve their dreams. This is why her career has become more critical than ever. It has become her mission to uplift the youth through her coaching skills. “It is my mission to empower and inspire. I am not anyone’s guru but rather a guide to personal fulfilment,” she said. 

According to Veronica Moya, the power of intuition has always been within us. In fact, intuition is a birthright. Young children freely connect with their intuition without even knowing it. For them, life feels magical with endless possibilities. However, as children get older, they begin to lose this feeling of awareness and wonder. It is when insecurities, limitations, and fears start to kick in. To prevent these negative traits from developing, Veronica expressed, “I think it’s imperative that we help young people discover the power they possess within. This will make happier and more accomplished adults.” As a matter of fact, she rarely gives advice to her clients. Instead, she guides them to discover their skills, passions, and desires. 

Other than her intuitive coaching, Veronica Moya is known for many things. She is an internationally known psychic and channeler. Her psychic abilities allowed her to support children and develop intuitive awareness successfully. Using her talents to good use, Veronica holds psychic development and meditation classes both in-person and online. Her mastery in her craft spread like wildfire among celebrities, business tycoons, and political officials. She became the go-to person of prominent individuals that she even secured the New York Mayor as one of her official clientele for three consecutive years. Moreover, Yahoo featured Veronica in an article and named her one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch out for 2021. 

Currently, Veronica is a faculty member at Edgar Cayce Center, the Omega Institute, and Meta Center. She’s a recurrent guest in Telemundo. Apart from that, she has her own Youtube show and podcast channel called “The Intuitive Mind with Veronica Moya.” Both platforms offer guided meditations and intuitive advice.

With her popularity rising, Veronica Moya is expanding her services in Brickell, Miami. If you’re interested in booking her psychic and coaching classes, visit her at 1250 S. Miami Ave. or check out her website.


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