Geechee One Films Releases “Trap Flix Party” on Leading Streaming Platform Tubi

Creativity is, in and of itself, already a powerful tool to have in pursuing dreams and accomplishing goals. However, when it is fueled with passion, the person who wields it becomes unstoppable with conquering their endeavors and fulfilling their dreams. Such is the case with Felicia Rivers, a creative soul whose passion for writing has brought her to the world of producing films and translating vision into reality. Today, she stands as one of the brilliant minds behind the up-and-coming powerhouse Geechee One Films

Geechee One Films is an award-winning independent film company based out of Charleston, South Carolina. With plans to release its first full-length film in September 2021, it has already released over 30 films and is now working on new projects. On a mission to educate, inform, and entertain the world, the company aims to transform the industry and redefine visions with its groundbreaking platforms. Through its goal-oriented trajectory, this up-and-coming household name continues to take significant strides toward the pinnacles of success. 

Before emerging as one of the leading film companies in the industry, Geechee One Films started as a magazine born out of its founder’s love for writing. The publication, which focuses on the eclectic Geechee culture, has been a print magazine since 2006 and a print and digital magazine since 2008. It has been giving exposure to music artists, models, businesses, and things that impact the community and surrounding areas for over 13 years.

For three consecutive years, Geechee One Films has been on a roll with its revolutionary web series, short films, and full-length films. Determined to leave a passion-filled legacy in the industry, the independent film company signed a digital distribution deal with Maverick Entertainment, which is the number one film distribution company for black cinema in the world. 

Currently, Geechee One Films is working with many actors, including Patrice Jennings, Shakeela Koffey, Donna Joseph, Jermaine Jackson, and other Carolina actors who are working hard to build their own “Hollywood” in Charleston. “Working with Patrice Jennings is amazing. She is a very beautiful, talented actor. You can easily tell she enjoys being on set and embodying the character,” Felicia Rivers said. 

In another interview, Patrice Jennings shared that her experience with Geechee One Films was nothing short of amazing. “I really enjoy getting to meet new people, networking, and traveling to different cities and states,” the actress said. 

Indeed, Geechee One Films seeks to highlight the amazing, talented individuals it works with. “We are a family, and it’s not just about the company. It’s also building a fan base for the talent and those who associate with us,” Felicia explained. As a matter of fact, the company will be having its first actors’ retreat in Miami at the end of July. Through the said activity, it looks forward to meeting and networking with all kinds of talents.

Felicia Rivers and her business partner, Isaac Hilton, have made their marks on the industry. These visionary leaders are both international award-winning producers, writers, and directors. Together, they are unstoppable at taking Geechee One Films to greater heights. 

In their creative outputs, Felicia Rivers and Isaac Hilton shed light on music, clothing, culture, and other thought-provoking topics. In April of this year, the power duo’s first collection of movies under the title “TRAP FLIX PARTY” was dropped on Tubi and is now unstoppable at getting the recognition it deserves. The film can also be found on various platforms such as Amazon Prime, Vudu, Fandango, Tubi, and many more. 

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