April 21, 2024
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GO-GETTER Co. and Mikiah Azarcon Breaks the Traditional Style With The GO Wallet

Wallets are considered a staple accessory that people cannot leave the house without. They contain everything a person needs daily. They also sometimes serve as a fashion statement. However, Mikiah Azarcon defines “wallets” on his terms. And these terms are entangled with convenience and functionality, which led him to shock the wallet industry by offering a wallet that does it all – the GO Wallet.

Mikiah Azarcon is the founder of GO-GETTER Co., a company that produces wallets that are perfect for how the modern world is evolving. GO-GETTER Co. makes wallets that are more adaptive of the advancements of modern technology, more compact, more durable, and more unique. These wallets are carefully crafted to contradict what other people see in the traditional wallets. 

A 22-year-old Mikiah Azarcon founded this company after spending sleepless nights to produce one of the most unique wallets to date. There was a time when Mikiah was at his lowest. It was when he almost got expelled from Pepperdine University for allegedly cheating on his final exam. Instead of sulking in the four corners of his dorm room, he took this as a chance to flip the unfortunate situation into a positive one. For him, it was one of the best blessings in disguise, and he will forever be thankful for such a turn of events. With determination, tenacity, and hard work, Mikiah successfully founded one of the country’s fastest-growing wallet brands.  

GO-GETTER Co.’s wallets are for everyone, but more significantly, these wallets are for the individuals who live a fast-paced lifestyle and are yearning for convenience and style. With these wallets, it will be easier for these individuals to move, go about their day, and embrace the minimalist uniqueness Mikiah Azarcon wishes to share with the world.

Mikiah has always been inspired by well-known brands such as GymShark, MVMT Watches, and Cuts Clothing. These brands have established a strong name in the market and can maintain their status because their products are one of a kind. Aside from that, these brands remain faithful to the values they hold and the communities and organizations they create. With this being said, Mikiah wants to continue to invest in innovating great products and creating inspiring content that will remarkably impact his customers’ lives.

As an entrepreneur, Mikiah is not doing these things for the sake of wealth and fame. Instead, Mikiah wants to truly have an impact on his community, leave behind a legacy, and also continue satisfying his customers by providing them with the convenience they need in a style that they desire. 

GO-GETTER Co. has their eyes on becoming a million-dollar company, and it continues to grow because of Mikiah’s determination and belief in himself. Without the combination of these things, the old and traditional ways will continue to be worshipped, and convenience will somehow be compromised. Nowadays, Mikiah wants to continue breaking the traditional style without removing the sole purpose of his products. 

To know more about GO-GETTER Co. and their wallets, you may visit their website.
If you want to learn more about Mikiah Azarcon, you may visit his Instagram page.

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