Home Exchange Platform Holiday Swap Releases New Update with a Massive Giveaway

Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, the hustle and bustle of daily life can often become too taxing for the everyday person, but a change in destination inevitably brings the logistical issue of accommodation. The rising costs of travel accommodations are nothing to scoff at, which is why alternative solutions are often advised by discerning travelers. Fortunately, Holiday Swap is here to make all those travel woes disappear through its innovative home exchange platform designed with travelers in mind.

Holiday Swap is an award-winning home exchange platform specially designed for travelers to securely swap and host their homes for just $1 per person per night. The renowned platform has now been used by half a million users across 185 countries spanning the entire world. Everyone can use the Holiday Swap platform since users aren’t profiting or subletting, which means they can save on the costs of expensive travel accommodations and enjoy their destination vacations more in terms of flights and tours.

Founded by James Asquith, a London banker who holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest man to visit all 196 countries in the world, Holiday Swap is a platform created by travelers for travelers.

The acclaimed home exchange platform offers a subscription plan for travelers to save even more and gain the benefit of having unlimited swaps, instantly messaging unmatched users and allowing subscribers to bring an additional guest for free. Holiday Swap allows its patrons to fully enjoy their destination to the fullest, letting them explore the vicinity rather than just have a bed to sleep in.

Holiday Swap gives its users the option to either swap homes or simply just host travelers or be a guest at one of its partners. The groundbreaking home exchange platform allows people to make social connections worldwide for future trips, exchange local travel tips, and discover new destinations. Holiday Swap is more than just a typical home exchange platform. It is an experience.

The esteemed platform has garnered accolades from different award-giving bodies and esteemed publications. Holiday Swap was voted as one of the Top 20 Companies for Social Good in Forbes. It was also voted as The Best Home Sharing Platform by LUX Life Magazine. Holiday Swap lends its popularity to its ease of use and its localization features that allow users to match and chat in whatever language they can, opening up avenues for global communication.

On September 10, Holiday Swap will release its latest app update that features important new features such as improved search rankings and results as well as interactive maps. The update also granted users the ability to create multiple spaces linked to their profiles as well as new chat interfaces and the removal of the “matching” feature that the app was known for.

To celebrate the release of the app, the company is doing a US$10,000 giveaway. Those interested should stay tuned for details!

In the past, users had to match with other users just like a dating app to be able to message each other. With the latest update, Holiday Swap now allows its users to be able to immediately engage with a space that they love, talk to the owner, and send a swap request.

Furthermore, the app is making additional updates to its Premium subscription plans by including a 14-day property damage guarantee included in every swap, one free guest included in every swap, trip cancellation and COVID protection included in every swap.

Holiday Swap is disrupting the travel industry and changing how people travel. With the way things are going now, the company is poised to grow exponentially through the years. In the near future, the company envisions having over 50 million users in every country by continuously helping innovate the travel industry through social and practical endeavors.

To know more about Holiday Swap, visit the official website.


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