How a German – Floridian Company Takes On The Growing Challenges of Electricity

Lightcore Energy Growing Challenges of Electricity

By: Joshua Finley

The global consumption of energy is rapidly increasing, and this trend is expected to continue as time goes by. To this effect, the selection of a great electricity provider like Lightcore-Energy Deutschland is of unparalleled significance. Founded by Fernando Correa’s in April 2018, Lightcore is an innovative green solution company in Germany which engages in the procurement of electricity from renewable resources. It does not only function as a power provider but also partners with Deutsche Grünstrom Invest to facilitate the generation of income via renewable energy sources. 

In an interview with Correa, he emphasizes the numerous services of the company, stating that “Lightcore boasts of being the only energy supply company that covers all areas. Again, we own a software company in which we have developed our own CRM software for delivering maximum services to consumers having established strategic connections with leading European industry players.” 

Differentiating itself from traditional power providers, Lightcore-Energy has a team of seasoned professionals committed to providing customized energy solutions to meet a range of customer needs. The company offers a whole range of sustainable energy services, from customized energy consultancy to the smooth integration of photovoltaic, heat supply systems, and environmentally friendly lighting installations. Lightcore-Energy offers a green electricity solution for private households and businesses, promoting renewable energy sources and ensuring energy-efficient appliances are only switched on when in use. This helps protect the environment and biosphere by promoting clean energy from renewable resources. Through this, they can demonstrate the benefits of e-mobility and promote sustainable energy consumption.

Managing energy logistics is a pivotal aspect where Lightcore accurately assesses its clients’ energy requirements, optimizing cost-efficiency by considering factors such as the time of day. Correa confidently asserts, that “the company also excels in coordinating logistics among various energy sources, tailoring detailed plans for each client to receive ecologically clean power from diverse sources such as photovoltaic systems and wind energy. For example, one customer can simultaneously get wind energy from Norway and energy from two or more different photovoltaic systems.”

At the forefront of environmentally friendly energy solutions, Lightcore-Energy is skilled in combining wind and photovoltaic electricity in a harmonious blend or capturing solar energy with cutting-edge storage devices. Photovoltaics offers a 100% green power solution for generating energy. The company offers tailored systems for commercial complexes and direct sales of systems and components. A photovoltaic system can reduce electricity costs and provide a simple energy supply. 

Furthermore, Lightcore-Energy offers light planning services to enhance well-being in both public and private spaces. It uses energy-efficient LED lighting in a pleasant color, promoting health and reducing fatigue. Poor lighting can be dangerous in some sectors. Hence, it provides expertise in planning and implementing lighting concepts, focusing on renewable resources and LED lamps. Lightcore also offers financing for implementation, allowing for reconfiguration and reconsideration of lighting at work. 

Even with its successes, Lightcore-Energy is not without its difficulties. Difficult challenges are presented by uncertainties arising from recent political decisions and the changing energy situation. In the founder’s words,  “the uncertainty caused by decisions made by politicians in the last two years. Another challenge the company is encountering is maintaining the stability of its power grid, especially since Germany shut down its last three nuclear power plants in April of 2023. Most of the energy for the industries used to come from these plants, and it’s hard to replace them with the renewable energy sources it currently has. Renewable sources like solar power (photovoltaic) are not consistent and can’t provide energy all the time.”

Correa emphasizes that it is important to look into new possibilities in light of these challenges. “such as hydrogen, which is 100% eco-friendly, and the Cold Fusion, but the company has limited technology to control such a kind of power. While expressing his thoughts, Correa confirms “that if the company had the technology to control this kind of power, the future would hold great surprises for us.” He compares the current state of things to the Gold Rush, a time when people were ecstatic about new possibilities. He says Lightcore emerged to stop this hazardous practice with its future-focused goals, which are concentrated on bringing about long-lasting changes. 

Despite this, Founder Fernando Correa is unfazed and continues to push for research into cutting-edge technologies like hydrogen and cold fusion, which have the potential to completely transform the energy industry. With an eye on the future, Lightcore Energy is planning to introduce innovative photovoltaic projects in Bulgaria in 2024. Under Correa’s direction, Lightcore Energy Inc. was founded in Florida in 2019 and is expecting a flurry of inventions in the coming year.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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