How the KidOrama App Innovates the Social Media Space by Providing a More Secure Online Platform

Social media offers people the chance to connect with their friends at a convenient pace. However, most social media platforms have proven to lack security, making it easy for people to infiltrate their profiles. While hackers are a thorn in the online community, people with malicious intentions have proven to be dangerous, especially towards children who have access to social media. KidOrama is a new iOS/Android application that provides them with a safer environment and allows parents to monitor their online activities.

Rohan k Shrestha is the individual who created the social media platform to reassure families that their safety is not compromised. An Father entrepreneur, Rohan thought into the idea of creating a new platform when he noticed how fragile and easily compromised social media could be. With a child of his own, he developed his concept to provide parents with a better alternative that kept their children safe and monitored their online activities.

Upon developing KidOrama, Rohan wanted to create an environment that children were familiar with. As the digital era ushered in a convenient way for people to interact, children took to the online community to maintain friendships and engage in school work. Rohan ensured that the development of his app would not take away the experience that children had with established platforms.

“Digital migration is on the rise and happening more rapidly,” Rohan explained, touching on the subject of the digital landscape, “It is crucial to make a shift based on creative problem solving and new big ideas to not only help your business survive but thrive in the current climate.”

When Rohan developed the KidOrama App, he prioritized its security features so parents could breathe when it came to their children’s safety. The app provides users with two login options — one for parents and one for children. The latter can interact with their friends and post pictures, status updates, or videos, retaining the familiar feel of other social media platforms. On the other hand, parents can monitor their activities, check who they are communicating with, and make sure their posts are harmless. They also have the power to approve the posts and block audio and video calls from unknown people. Additionally, parents can keep track of their children’s accomplishments, record their academic progress and health, track their locations, and create events, inviting friends and family to things like birthday parties and graduation.

KidORama is loaded with plenty of features that are apt to compete with other platforms. Available on iOS and Android, the app can be downloaded on any mobile device. While other social media platforms run on free trial without the user’s knowledge until it expires, KidOrama has no hidden subscription fees, making it accessible for everyone. 

“Our goal is to provide a safe connect platform to kids,” Rohan shared. Since the creation of the KidOrama App, more parents have been able to sleep at night knowing that their children are safe from suspicious figures online. 

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