March 4, 2024
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Interpreting Love in Colors: How Roni Davis Changed Lives With the Color Code Dating Method

In today’s complicated and fast-paced world, who would not want the expert guidance of a dating coach? Roni Davis has spent and dedicated her life to developing the best dating methods to help people find the best romantic partners and establish long-lasting relationships. With multiple platforms at her disposal, Roni is genuinely creating a massive impact, especially with the Color Code Dating Method and The Love Cycle.

Color Code Dating Method uses six colors to identify the natural energies one feels when meeting a potential romantic partner. With her brand, Roni was able to create a community of like-minded individuals called the Pro Daters Society, with the Color Code Dating Method as the backbone of the circle. Together, they explore ways to have fun and excitement and find love. Within the community, Roni also shares dating terminologies she collated into a unique “date-tionary” and has established dating dos and don’ts, a type of ten commandments when it comes to dating. 

Roni is also the proponent of The Love Cycle, another dating method designed to give her clients a clear way to identify where their current relationship stands and is headed using a unique visual guide. 

Furthermore, Roni also penned her bestselling book, Happily Single and Open for Love, teaching readers her dating methods and how to maximize their dating experiences. The book also highlights real-life dating stories, both drama-filled and comical. Happily Single and Open for Love also includes an interactive and fun dating workbook. 

“My experience wearing many hats has placed me in direct contact with various walks of life. I was honored to have coached various people who have crossed my path, and I’ve been able to give them clear direction on their life paths. It has always been a natural desire for me to give everyone a little dose of hope and inspiration wherever they’re at in their life,” said Roni. “As a creative person, I want to share something incredible with everyone who finds themselves experiencing a negative and chaotic dating life due to the lack of empathy in today’s world.”

Roni always believed that people are open to the process of connecting with others and are meticulous in choosing whom to trust, hoping relationships will run in a smooth and organic flow. She wants to share her book, How to be Single, with everyone who finds themselves tangled up in conundrums and dilemmas, whether in a romantic relationship, divorce, dating, or courting. 

Furthermore, Roni has expanded her social media presence and fanbase, releasing numerous short, interactive comedy videos that promote her dating methods. The visionary has also worked on commercials, music, music videos, releasing her merchandise, and portrayed characters, all created to support and amplify her brand. Roni will soon release her debut single, “Mr. Persistence,” on January 1st, 2023, a song about a woman’s experience trying to avoid a sexual encounter with a very persistent guy. 

Truly, Roni has impacted countless lives throughout her career as a psychologist, Certified Life coach, and CEO of a non-profit organization called 501c3. With the Color Coded Dating Method, she hopes to help more individuals magnify their purpose and discover the joy found in self-love and romantic relationships.

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