April 21, 2024
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Ira Leesfield, Renowned Miami Attorney, Joins the Board of Directors for Friends of The Underline

Ira Leesfield
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Every major global city is anchored by incredible green space, and Miami will soon have it, too, in the form of a 10-mile linear park, urban trail, and canvas for artistic expression. This is thanks to the non-profit organization Friends of The Underline, which is advocating to transform the underutilized land below Miami’s Metrorail into an exemplary urban space. Recently, the Board of Directors at Friends of The Underline welcomed Miami-based attorney Ira Leesfield as a new member. Apart from a prolific career as a renowned attorney, Ira runs the Leesfield Family Foundation, designed to help underprivileged groups both close to home, across the country, and the world. 

Leesfield is a premier product liability and consumer safety attorney in Miami and across the country. With decades of experience litigating personal injury and wrongful death suits for plaintiffs, Leesfield has a profound understanding of the importance of public safety. He has been named one of America’s Top Ten Trial Lawyers and served on two Presidential Committees under President Clinton. Through his family’s foundation, Leesfield has dedicated himself to community service, enhancing the lives of others since 1990. 

Leesfield has donated generously to a range of social causes. The foundation recently partnered with José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen to deliver 177 million hot meals to homeless people across eight countries impacted by the war in Ukraine. The LFF continues its commitment to provide food, medicine, and supplies to the region. In Miami, the foundation supports incredible organizations, including Live Like Bella, a childhood cancer foundation; Amigos for Kids to prevent child abuse; The Melissa Institute for violence prevention and treatment; The Yes Institute, the source for knowledge on gender and orientation; and the Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida.

Through the foundation, Leesfield has committed a legacy gift of $250K to Friends of The Underline to sponsor a dedicated native garden area on The Underline directly across from his office on US1 in Coconut Grove. 

According to Leesfield, “The Underline will be our Office’s new ‘front yard’ neighbor, and Miami will have a visionary green space. Every global city identifies with a world-class park, and The Underline is ours.” 

During the board meeting held on March 15, 2023, Leesfield was elected to join the Board of Directors at Friends of The Underline (FUL). The Board is led by 22 Miami-based philanthropists and corporate leaders with a diverse set of skills and experiences. 

Leesfield said, “I’m honored to join this incredible Board of Directors and assist in the expansion of The Underline.” 

Meg Daly, the Founder of the Friends of The Underline, said in a release, “Ira’s commitment to community service and public safety, as well as his law firm’s proximity to The Underline, make him a welcome addition to our dynamic board.” 

The present Board of Directors is now advocating for and delivering a 120-acre, 10-mile multimodal trail and linear park below the Miami Metrorail. The project’s transformational and pioneering vision positively impacts public safety, mobility, resiliency, and community. Apart from creating a green landscape, the project will celebrate diversity, culture, and lifelong learning. With this creative urban trail, Friends of The Underline aims to connect people to their environment and also with each other to create a healthy, equitable, and sustainable community.

To learn more about The Underline and donate to its trails, facilities, art, and programming, please visit

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