J.A.N. Shares His Journey as a Hip Hop and R&B Artist

Jeremy Neiman, who is better known as J.A.N., is a singer and rapper from Victorville, California. His covers and original songs have garnered positive attention, and he hopes to grow further as an artist. “I enjoy making good music, and I love that I can share it with everyone,” he says.

Music from Juice WRLD, KB, and Lecrae inspire J.A.N. in his work. He shares, “Their music has been with me through all my ups and downs. They are artists I admire. Their songs inspire me to grow and develop my unique voice as a rapper.”

J.A.N. has released covers of songs on SoundCloud, receiving positive feedback. Aside from song covers, this singer and rapper has also put out his original songs. These include Missing You, Crazy, Hating on Us, and a collaboration with Lil V titled Slow Grind. His tracks are mostly hip hop, rap, and R&B. “These genres are what I enjoy the most,” J.A.N. shares, “Making hip hop and R&B music makes it easier for me to express myself. No matter what I am going through, or what’s on my mind, I can always use rap to process it and find release.”

Knowing that many artists dream of making it big in the music industry, J.A.N. stays focused on improving his craft. “I need to keep working hard to be successful. Growing as an artist has been my main goal ever since I started,” he says. This up and coming musician says that he learns from other artists who have come before him. “I listen to their songs, and I try to see what makes their work so enjoyable. Of course, I would never want to copy anyone. I take what I learned and use it to enrich my songs.”

J.A.N. has received growing attention since releasing his songs. “It feels good that people appreciate my work. I am glad I get to do what I love and that others enjoy my work.” Even with his growing following, this artist stays true to himself. He says, “Humility and gratitude. Those are what I feel when people say they enjoy my music. It is amazing to think that so many others resonate with the things I share in my songs.”

As with everyone around the world, the pandemic has also affected J.A.N. and his musical journey. “It’s tough. But I am grateful that I am safe and healthy. I am also grateful that I get to use this time to work on more music and keep moving forward,” the singer shares. 

This musician hopes that more people will hear of him and his music. He recently launched his YouTube channel to reach a wider audience. “I did this so more people can find my work. Having a large following is great and all that, but I genuinely want to put my songs out there for more people to enjoy,” J.A.N. shares.

In the future, J.A.N. hopes to work and collaborate with more artists. “Music is such a shared experience. And I think working with other artists and musicians is very enriching. Music can connect people in a way that nothing else can, and I find that very beautiful.”

J.A.N. is currently working on new songs. His previous work is available to stream on SoundCloud and YouTube.


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