April 21, 2024
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Janice Delima Tentler and Katniss Giffiths Joined Forces to Champion Artistry and Unity

Janice Delima Tentler and Katniss Giffiths Joined Forces to Champion Artistry and Unity
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In the world of business, and particularly in the realms of fashion and art, remarkable individuals often emerge to lead the way, setting an example for the generations to come. Such is the case with Janice Delima Tentler, the visionary behind Alegre de Pilipinas International, and Katniss Griffiths, the unstoppable force driving Katwalk Industries. These two successful, independent women entrepreneurs have come together on a mission to create something extraordinary.

Their mission? To provide a global platform for talented Filipino artists, as well as artists from diverse backgrounds around the world, to exhibit their remarkable works of art. They aim to accomplish this through the creation of impeccable fashion shows and events, along with offering top-notch public relations and advertising services, which include exclusive access to New York Times Square billboards and worldwide media channels spanning newspapers, television, radio, and numerous international magazines. Their union doesn’t just aim to support their fellow countrymen but also to unite with other brilliant artists from across the globe.

In their relentless pursuit of excellence, Janice and Katniss illustrate how the collaboration of two empowered women can birth an even more potent and influential force. They comprehend the struggles that artists encounter in getting their work recognized, and they are committed to bringing about a positive change in the lives of Filipino artists and creatives from all corners of the world.

A Beacon in the World of Fashion: Katniss Griffiths

One can’t help but marvel at the remarkable journey of Katniss Griffiths, a name synonymous with success in the fashion and beauty industry. Born and raised in the vibrant state of California, USA, she has left an indelible mark as a pioneering CEO and business entrepreneur with a track record that leaves many in awe. Katniss currently serves as the owner of Charmed International, boasts ownership of multiple fashion magazines, and holds franchises for international beauty pageants.

One of her most notable achievements is the transformation of a once little-known beauty pageant in Turkey into a highly anticipated event in the Philippines. Thanks to Katniss’s dedication and hard work, this event has grown into a significant annual occurrence that garners tremendous enthusiasm.

But Katniss’s influence extends far beyond the realm of pageantry. She has left her mark on the global fashion scene, gracing runways from Milan Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week. Her work as a fashion designer and entrepreneur has earned her an impressive array of accolades, including the Gawad Award Amerika, the ASEAN Excellence Achievement Award, The Global Trends Award, The Global Iconic Aces Award, and the Maharlikang Filipino Awards. Her Milan Fashion Week recognition as the Best Fashion Designer of the Year in February 2022 serves as a testament to her prowess.

In the realm of pageantry, Katniss is affectionately known as the “Queen Mother” for her mentorship to many beauty queens, who hold her in the highest regard.

With her unwavering determination, boundless energy, and a passion for success that knows no bounds, Katniss Griffiths has proved that determination and hard work can achieve the seemingly impossible. She serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a role model for countless young women who look up to her for guidance and motivation.

Katniss’s presence is ubiquitous in the beauty pageant and fashion industry. Her impressive roles include serving as the national director for Miss Freedom of the World, an international beauty pageant in Kosovo, as well as Miss Ragazza Moda International Fashion Show in Sicily, Italy, Miss Summit South East Asia, and Miss Future Faces World from Antalya, Turkey. Her image adorns multiple billboards in the heart of New York’s Times Square.

The future holds exciting prospects for Katniss, as she embarks on several upcoming projects slated for 2024. These endeavors encompass fashion shows, concerts, and various international events. Her work has graced the pages of prominent international magazines such as Buzz Magazine in Dubai, IHollywood Magazine, IManila Fashion Magazine, Nuance Magazine, and many others.

Furthermore, Katniss serves as the owner and CEO of IHollywood and IManila, which includes Katwalk Doll Magazine. Her collaborations with industry heavyweights showcase her continued dedication to making significant strides in the beauty and fashion world.

The world eagerly awaits Katniss Griffiths’s future contributions to the fashion and beauty industry. She is more than a fashion designer and business entrepreneur; she is a queen maker, an exemplar of success, and a powerhouse to reckon with.

Janice Delima Tentler and Katniss Griffiths: A Unified Vision

Janice Delima Tentler and Katniss Giffiths Joined Forces to Champion Artistry and Unity
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The passionate mission that Janice Delima Tentler and Katniss Griffiths are championing is nothing short of extraordinary. These two formidable women are at the helm of two distinctive companies, but their shared vision is one of unity and strength. Their aim is to uplift and empower artists from all walks of life.

Janice is the CEO of Alegre de Pilipinas International, a company that, in just three years since its inception, has made significant strides in the digital fashion and marketing industry. It has become a platform for models and designers to showcase their talents and has carved out a unique place for itself in the industry. Janice’s unwavering commitment to promoting Filipino designers and models and her passion for fashion led her to establish a runway production and entertainment company in the United States.

Janice’s dream was to conquer the global fashion industry, and she achieved this ambition by successfully hosting a debut fashion show featuring international Filipino designers and collaborators during New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

Alegre de Pilipinas doesn’t merely focus on fashion; it also serves as a platform for promoting Filipino businesses, products, models, and brand ambassadors. Janice is devoted to elevating Filipino talent on the global stage, a commitment that has earned her significant recognition, including an alliance with the prestigious Gawad AMERICA AWARD. This partnership aims to provide deserving Filipinos access to Hollywood’s red carpet, celebrating their achievements and inspiring even greater accomplishments. In recognition of her contributions, Janice recently received the Diamond Excellence Award in 2023, a significant honor held in Manila.

In the upcoming year, Alegre de Pilipinas is poised to shine even brighter as it takes part in Paris Fashion Week 2023, showcasing Filipino designers, models, and collaborators. The company has also made its presence felt on various digital platforms across the USA, featuring high-caliber Filipino artists, models, and collaborators on Times Square billboards in New York, underscoring its commitment to extensive global marketing campaigns.

Through partnerships with numerous digital and print media outlets, Alegre de Pilipinas has solidified its position as a dominant force in its niche. The company is set to continue offering tremendous opportunities and propelling itself to greater heights through a myriad of collaborations and productions.

Janice Delima Tentler and Katniss Griffiths are two remarkable leaders who have set their sights on a future characterized by unity, strength, and unparalleled support for artists worldwide. Their dedication to empowering and uplifting talent knows no bounds, and their accomplishments speak volumes about their commitment to this noble cause.

In a world that often requires individuals to stand out as independent forces, the alliance between Janice Delima Tentler and Katniss Griffiths demonstrates the incredible impact that can be achieved when two powerful women come together with a shared vision. Their dedication to the arts, fashion, and the global community exemplifies the positive change that can be realized through collaboration and a commitment to a common goal. The future of fashion and art, under their leadership, is poised to become more accessible and inspiring than ever before.

We eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their journey, one where artists from diverse backgrounds unite and shine on the global stage, proving that collaboration and unity can bring about transformative change in the world of art and fashion.

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