Introducing a Rising Triple-Threat Powerhouse: Kristin Morgan, YPK The Producer, Shares Her Journey in the Music Industry

Kristin Morgan
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Hailing from Memphis, TN, home to some of the biggest stars in entertainment industry history, such as Maurice White, BB King, and Elvis Presley, rising powerhouse Kristin, better known as YPK aims to pin her name on the map. As an independent entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and record producer, the female visionary has captivated listeners with her unique perspective, smooth, distinct vocals, and broad global accent. Kristin never fails to be a breath of fresh air in R&B, rap, and pop music, making her an unstoppable triple-threat force to reckon with.

Kristin started her music journey after realizing how gifted she was for learning some TV show theme songs on the Yamaha keyboard her mother and sister purchased for her. She then attended a school for the performing arts and trained with Archie Mitchel at Royal Studios. Eventually, Dennis Graham, a powerhouse in the music scene, saw her potential, and they ended up working together for his debut single, “Kinda Crazy.” This opened the door for her to be a part of music videos such as Drake’s “Worst Behavior” and you also may be able to spot her alongside artist Rubi Rose in “Back” by Jeezy feat. Yo Gotti.

The producer also landed the opportunity to work with Timbaland, who equipped her with industry insights that changed her approach to music production and pursuing her sound.

“Part of my journey has been experiencing alopecia totalis. It’s a huge part of what shaped me,” shared Kristin. “I want to inspire women, and even men, who may get overlooked to continue to walk in confidence in who they are and look to get involved more with inspiring this culture.”

Having gone through her fair share of disappointments and challenges, Kristin shared that there’s truly no stopping a person determined to turn their dream into a reality. “I went knocking on many doors and heard no, so many times that I figured it was meant for me to create my own lane,” she said. In those times, Kristin felt that her voice wasn’t heard. Today, she wants to give others a platform where they can showcase their talent and personality without any reservations.

Kristin has worked with upcoming artists such as Calvin Ross, Autumn Marini, TEN, and South African artist JMAXX along with Grammy Award winning engineer Craig Bauer. Furthermore, the visionary gained recognition for music production for Ester Dean’s Producer Challenge called “Bad Girls Need Love”. She also spearheaded various projects, including “Shine Your Light On Memphis”, a tribute to her hometown.

As a producer, Kristin helps artists convey their stories through their tracks. She leverages the power of music to help listeners heal through their pain and know that they are not alone. Kristin also helps her clients find their authentic sound and claim it as their distinct mark in the industry.

Over the next five years, she wants to make an even greater impact on the world. Kristin is currently preparing to release her upcoming projects, including the relaunch of her production company, where she’ll offer consulting, studio services, and music production. YPK 7 Series is a YouTube series that is set to relaunch as well. She is also set to collaborate with more global artists and wants to help more upcoming artists reach their goals. In addition, as a producer, Kristin aims to pave the way for other producers to gain the recognition they deserve and reinstate the value of critical art in society.


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