Lan of Fashion on Propelling Emerging and Established Brands, Designers, and Models Toward the Limelight

Numerous factors can propel a venture toward the limelight of its target industry. Others managed to secure a coveted spot at the summit by perfecting their products and services, while some capitalized on the power of social media platforms to reach their market and gain prominence. In the case of Lan of Fashion, its purpose-driven initiatives and commitment to providing a platform for both established and emerging fashion brands and companies stand as the primary reasons behind its growing renown. Through its runway showcase on July 10-11, it is set to demonstrate its power in the fashion scene during the Miami Swim Week. 

Founded in 2018, this New York-based fashion production company has been credited for pushing numerous brands toward greater heights. Since its establishment, Lan of Fashion has operated under the vision of elevating individuals and ventures during its runway showcases and helping designers reach their goals. However, its quick rise through the ranks can be attributed not only to its all-out approach in delivering opportunities for growth to aspirants in the highly competitive world of fashion but also for its impressive competence at handling all the frontend and backstage affairs involved in event productions, including marketing, social outreach, venue procurement, seating, stage, casting, hair and make-up, styling, photography, and on-site check-in. Its inventory of offerings, from traditional to commercial production, is considered top of the game. 

Lan of Fashion clung to one goal from the get-go — unify its client’s vision with the company’s signature presentation. “We exhaust all efforts to ensure that our runway showcase meets the vision of those under our wing. We go the extra mile in telling the story of their collection, maximizing their exposure with the media, press, influencers, and supporters,” shared the creative mind behind the widely-acclaimed venture. To this date, it has never failed to meet that directive, boasting an expansive portfolio of showcases that has served as an exhibition of many arts every single time. 

During the upcoming runway showcase at the Miami Swim Week, Lan of Fashion is set to highlight domestic and international brands, helping them gain exposure and capture the interest of their target market. Most importantly, by featuring several exciting collections and the hottest looks for spring and summer of 2022, it plans to introduce enthusiasts to the latest trends as well as bridge the gap between the industry’s up-and-coming creators and potential wearers. 

Significantly taking pride in its ability to establish avenues where fashion is expressed, Lan of Fashion will remain steadfast in its mission of discovering and shedding light on the next generation of creators. As it carves a path toward the top, it will continue to bring to life the vision of its clients. On top of giving designers, brands, and models a shot at succeeding in the industry, it also hopes to launch more social outreaches and get involved in initiatives designed to make a difference in local communities. 

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