Linda Washington Shares Her Cancer Survival Story through the Arts

Surviving breast cancer or any type of cancer is a major achievement that deserves all the attention and celebration in the world. For Linda Washington, her breast cancer journey is one that has changed her life, changed her worldview and motivated her to spread love in every possible way. It has also spurred her to channel her talents in ways that inspire, empower, and motivate people worldwide.

The musician recently launched the Kindle version of her book Forbidden and Broken: Finding Love Behind the Scars on Amazon. The book tells all the backstory of her pre-treatment, the hopeful journey, the pain, the disappointment, the glimmers of hope, the eventual victory, and the post-treatment life of resection and empty sympathy. Linda currently works in the health field in Springfield, Massachusetts, while telling the world her story and how she overcame the biggest challenge she ever faced in her life. She also released a single titled “Need Love,” featuring superstar Lamar to amplify her message. The song expresses how she feels about breast cancer patients and how they matter regardless of their health condition.

Since she got over her cancer, her work in the media and entertainment has built her a profile as an inspiring figure for cancer fighters and survivors. For nearly a decade, she was cast into a shadow of herself and just by a stroke of luck, she has been catapulted to the limelight as a musician and author, gracing the billboards in New York. The mother of four now calls herself a warrior and a fighter who’s blessed enough to brighten the lives of other cancer survivors. “I am a survivor of breast cancer, and I am trying to help other survivors believe and find love again no matter what they’ve been through,” she said.

Linda Washington’s target audience covers everyone who has been broken by their ordeal with cancer or how people see them after their survival. “Cancer survivors deal with a lot from people, especially when we tell the wrong people about our experience. We get these unnecessary empty sympathy looks that add no value to how we feel. So many people experience that every day and I aim to connect with them and help them through that phase of their survival,” Linda explained. 

Linda’s experience with cancer stopped her world in its tracks. She spent many years believing that she would never find love as nobody would want her after dealing with cancer. For ten years now, she has remained single out of the fear of making someone else go through the stress of her cancer. She nurses hopes that she will find love soon, but until then, she channels all those feelings into her music to bare her heart freely and connect with other people going through the same.

Linda Washington’s five-year goal is to continue making a big difference in women’s lives globally. “I want them to know that they matter and that they should be loved for who they are, not what they went through,” she affirmed.

Learn more about Linda Washington and her journey on her website.


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