Lucas Muñoz’s Journey as a Standout Multi-Genre Musician

Lucas Muñoz is an artist who always has one surprise for his audience each time he performs. He has expanded his creativity over the years by experimenting with other music styles, which have paid off significantly. A native of New Jersey, currently based in Central Florida, Lucas Muñoz is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has played the guitar since he was four. His music influence largely came from his father, a professional jazz guitarist. Now, Lucas has grown into a multi-faceted artist who does not confine himself to one genre of music.

“I try to write music that is a blend of multiple styles to create one sound while giving nods to playing styles in the past. Music is a subjective commodity, and I try to expand creativity even though it may sound foreign to me at first,” he says. This, for him, is a strength and unique thing that sets him apart from the competition. Lucas believes that music will become more fluid in the future as genres will blend into one another, and right now, he already has a head start.

Lucas Muñoz got into music by performing in church with his father and singing with the choir while he was in middle school and high school. When he was 14, he moved to Florida, and he took professional music more seriously. Some of his early influences, apart from his father, include Joe Bonamassa, Gary Moore, Eric Johnson, and Slash. Between 2010 when he got to Florida, and 2014, when he turned 18, Lucas Muñoz performed with his father around the local scene of Central Florida, and they thrilled audiences with a combination of jazz, blues, Latin, and fusion.

He proceeded to Warner University for his college education at 18 and became even more involved with performing arts. He was the guitarist for the university’s chapel band and jazz ensemble. Lucas also went on tour with the university chapel band around the country. He began to explore the jazz music genre in South Florida, and he started getting a grasp of the genre by writing jazz songs. In 2020, his first EP titled “Mutasis” was released on streaming services and digital stores. The EP captures his journey and his major influences over the years as an artist.

Lucas Muñoz’s journey has been one in which he was never scared to get out of his comfort zone to explore other areas. “One of the pitfalls of a musician is being confined to a particular genre and not experimenting with other music styles,” he says. Since he graduated from college in 2018 with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s degree in the same discipline in 2020 from Warner University, Lucas has focused on creativity and authenticity in his music.

His music addresses real-life experiences, and he has hopes that his songs provide healing, comfort, solace, escape, and enjoyment to his audience. His goal is to make everyone feel free to express themselves fully. Lucas Muñoz’s music is filled with inspirational messages directed to people struggling with anxiety, loneliness, and depression. He had it rough as a child with a weight problem and was constantly the butt of jokes in school. However, turning things around, settling comfortably into his music, and making music that wide demography of audiences can enjoy have given him some fulfillment. As he keeps working on growing his brand, his goal is to be a role model to many and be a positive influence through his music.

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