Manisha Pratapsinh’s Core Values as an Entrepreneur

Manisha Pratapsinh’s Core Values as an Entrepreneur_2
Photo Courtesy: Adasat Barroso

By: Josh Smith

Having core values as an entrepreneur acts as a guiding compass, steering your business toward success. 

Core values create a strong company culture, fostering collaboration, trust, and accountability. Furthermore, by standing for something bigger than profits, the business attracts loyal customers who connect with the brand’s mission, leading to sustainable growth. Clear core values differentiate the brand, making it memorable and trustworthy in a competitive landscape. 

Simply put, a business guided by unwavering values builds a loyal following, fosters a thriving internal environment, and ultimately paves the path for long-term success.

Manisha Pratapsinh, a private bus company owner in Mozambique, has four core values that guide her as she leads her business toward success. 


Manisha had to transition her time and efforts from being a civil construction machinery specialist to heading her own private bus company. 

Although she has experience establishing her footing in a male-dominated industry, she also knows that acknowledging when she needs help and additional information can benefit her and her company long-term. 

 Humility allows her to check in with her target market and discover what they require from her company. In the meantime, it also keeps her mind open to different perspectives, local or international, to find new ways to improve her business and its services. 


Running can sometimes be a full-time schedule that requires undivided attention and perseverance. Manisha, who is fully aware of her responsibilities, keeps herself updated about recent market trends and implements improvements to fulfill her bus company’s purpose of providing safe, efficient, and accessible transportation services in Mozambique. 

“I do my best to balance everything, but it’s not always easy; life is made of sacrifices,” she said. 


Getting rich isn’t Manisha’s primary reason behind Manisha’s bus company. It began with a genuine desire to empower her fellow Mozambicans by giving them the quality transportation services they need, especially those in rural areas. 

She values her connection with her community and does what she can to uplift their lives and include them in her business’s growth. One way she does it is by providing them with an honest livelihood through her bus company. 

“All my employees are from my country, as the unemployment rate in Mozambique is 25 percent, and my goal is to help the community,” she shared. 

Manisha Pratapsinh’s Core Values as an Entrepreneur
Photo Courtesy: Adasat Barroso


Being an entrepreneur puts Manisha in a position where people look up to her for inspiration and guidance. As a result, the Mozambican entrepreneur strives to be an ideal role model for her community. 

One perfect example of how she leads them is through her advocacy and life philosophy. 

“One’s origin, ethnicity, or physical appearance should never be barriers to achieving one’s goals,” she said. “This is my life philosophy; I carry this principle into my daily life, and it helps me overcome adversity.” 

Having core values as an entrepreneur isn’t just a feel-good exercise–it’s the bedrock of a thriving business. Manisha’s core values are guiding principles and a compass, defining her decision-making, shaping her company culture, and attracting the right customers and employees.

Manisha Pratapsinh’s journey as an entrepreneur in Mozambique is illuminated by her steadfast commitment to core values that define her approach to business. Humility stands as a cornerstone, reminding her to remain receptive to learning and seeking advice. 

This trait not only keeps her attuned to the needs of her target market but also fosters a culture of openness and adaptability within her company. 

By offering employment opportunities to fellow Mozambicans, particularly in regions grappling with high unemployment rates, she embodies a commitment to social responsibility.

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