Mark Weithorn, President of DPI Showcase, Primes Miami-Area Realtors for Long-Term Success

Mark Weithorn
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Mark Weithorn, President of DPI Showcase, Speaks at the Realty 2.0 Conference 

As President of DPI Showcase Web Sites, Mark Weithorn offers comprehensive solutions for real estate professionals to keep their online presence sharp. As a longtime industry educator, he offers training to keep their practice sharp as well. 

“I’ve taught over 30,000 realtors and growing,” Weithorn says, noting that he’s been teaching marketing classes to Florida’s real estate community for 20 years running, primarily through the Miami Association of Realtors. His course titles range from “The 15 Minute Social Media Workout” and “Farming For Listings” to “Is Technology Leaving You Behind? A Crash Course On Catching Up.” As technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, he stresses the “KISS” method of “keeping IT systems simple” and makes his living delivering solutions to professionals for whom a good website is a make-it-or-break-it facet of their professional survival.

Weithorn’s ability to create such a robust series of sought-after courses comes from the awareness he’s built through client and industry relationships over the years. “Every time I see a weak link for Realtors, I create a class around it,” he says. Hearing about agents’ pain points firsthand year after year has helped him hone his approach to meet them where they are. 

“What I’ve noticed (especially with new agents) is that they are ignored by their brokers,” he says. “They are left to figure things out by themselves. Many flounder and leave the business.  I teach them a step-by-step process on how to do marketing and advertising to get leads.” Keeping abreast of industry news and trends is key, too, he notes. 

Advice for Becoming a Real Estate Agent

“I read tons of articles about the industry,” he says, citing, the National Association of Realtors, and the Florida Association of Realtors as favorite sources to stay on top of.

The real estate market, he says, is similar to a pendulum, swinging from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market and back again. “You have to be able to shift between (the two), and we’re educating our clients on how to handle the shift, utilizing tech and changes in client acquisition and marketing.”

Weithorn’s expertise can also be sought through his book, Surviving the First 6 Months as a Real Estate Agent, available through Amazon. It details how a new agent can achieve success as they work to get their real estate business off the ground. “You are no longer an employee,” he advises, acknowledging the subtle but important shift that takes place when launching a real estate career. “It describes different methods to find the self-motivation to be your own boss.”

Teaching Technology

Through in-person and virtual training sessions where he shares professional insights for real estate professionals, Weithorn explains how to get ahead and stay there, but for those seeking real-time solutions to help them grow their business, his company, DPI Showcase Web Sites, has tools to give them an edge. Its highly personalized marketing solutions assist industry pros with day-to-day tasks through “set it and forget it” automation designed to manage client relationships, handle database maintenance, provide marketing tools and keep day-to-day tasks organized. Even agents who don’t consider themselves technologically savvy can rely on DPI Showcase’s expertise and experience to run their businesses. 

“With all of this technology, anyone can become overwhelmed,” Weithorn says. “DPI’s competitive advantage is that they are with clients every step of the way.” 

Weithorn has given talks and training classes through the Miami Association of Realtors, the Daytona Association of Realtors, the Jacksonville Association of Realtors, the Florida Fourth District Real Estate Conference in Key West, the Internet 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas, and individual real estate offices by request. 


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